Why rely on a specialized agency when obtaining a visa?

Are you counting the days until your study abroad trip finally arrives? So don’t worry, there’s a huge list of things you need to do that will occupy your mind while the big time to get on the plane and head off on your next adventure isn’t here.

However, as you’ve already started researching everything about the processes and bureaucracy involved in an exchange, you’ve certainly realized that it’s necessary to have all the documents in your hands without a single mistake or delay, right?

And, for those who don’t have experience with this and don’t know that well the reality and requirements of the country you are going to, it can be quite complicated to get all of this – starting with the visa process.

Therefore, we repeat: don’t worry! You can count on the help of a specialized agency to advise you not only on getting a visa, but on everything you need in relation to documentation and your stay abroad, as the team works only with some specific destinations that you know better than anyone else. And with that in mind, we suggest that you prefer agencies that work with a maximum of two destinations.

Want to learn more about why this is a great international student choice? So, read on and keep an eye out!

The risks of getting a visa on your own

For the vast majority of young people about to embark on an exchange, this is the first time they will be away from their family and will have to fend for themselves – what an incredible, challenging and unforgettable experience. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need any assistance.

Quite the contrary, as knowing when to turn to expert help when something is beyond your abilities is also a sign of maturity and responsibility. It is not uncommon to see travelers (whether international students, professionals, tourists, etc.) face great difficulties when obtaining a visa because they do not understand the process very well.

By hiring a specialized agency, you can reduce this danger a lot, which can put your exchange at risk even before it starts, since you cannot travel without a visa.

The process involves deadlines, documents and fees, among other points that may seem daunting for those who are not used to applying for visas. It’s very easy to leave something out, forget something, let an important date go unnoticed. And when you do, maybe it’s already too late.

Therefore, hiring a specialized agency brings more security and peace of mind to this very important moment in your life. So, take the opportunity to check the main advantages of having the assistance of someone who understands the subject below.

The advantages of hiring a specialized agency

1. Filling out forms

Forms, forms and more forms: it is impossible to escape them when obtaining a visa, especially for you, who are an international student and, therefore, must prove ties to colleges, family income, stay during the exchange months, etc.

Fill in a wrong field? Don’t understand a tacnic term in English? Forget to deliver one of the requested forms? Not attaching the required documents with the form? None of this runs the risk of happening if you hire a specialized agency, which knows very well everything that must be completed and delivered in order to apply for a visa.

2. Submission of documentation

Nowadays, sending documents is easier with the internet and cloud technology, isn’t it? However, there is still a lot of bureaucracy involved in an exchange, all to ensure you have the best possible experience out there.

Thus, another benefit of the specialized agency is that the staff there know everything that anyone needs to know about how, when and to whom to send the requested documents. Not to mention the proper authentication of each one of them.

Also, since ideally you find a team that is specialized, they will know exactly how the process works. This brings a new set of advantages, as you will know exactly what to provide.

3. Knowledge of deadlines

You are one among many other people applying for visas, so it is not possible to make exceptions for anyone who misses a deadline, is it? But if you are advised by a specialized agency, you can also cross that off your list of concerns.

Did you silly and look for the agency at the last minute? They will do their best to assist you in an emergency and get your visa ahead of schedule (more on that soon!), something that can become a possibility just because they are experts in the process and in the country you are going to.

The staff will also provide guidance on how long you should provide documents, visa meeting dates, and anything else you need to know.

4. Acceleration of the process

As the professionals of the specialized agency understand the subject better than anyone else, the process of obtaining a visa ends up being accelerated, as there is less chance of having documents missing in your application and with that, it can reach you faster!

And then, just continue planning for the exchange, knowing that the most fundamental and complicated part has already been successfully completed.

5. Personalized service

The type of trip and the destination can be the same, but just like the countries, each international student needs a personalized service in order to have access to everything he needs, without problems and more efficiently. This can only be provided by an agency specialized in the destination. Thus, the agency truly provides everything you need for your stay abroad, whatever your doubts, insecurities and priorities.

6. Understanding the destination country

Each country has its own requirements and peculiarities in the way they issue visas and receive foreigners to study and/or work there as international students. Even if you are used to traveling around the world, the knowledge you will have of the visa process is not necessarily enough to guarantee a successful application for the document.

After all, there are specific rules for those who are going to study abroad. In this context, the last advantage we present here is the fact that the professionals from the specialized agency really know the country you are going to, as they work with specific destinations, and not with exchange in general.

Thus, you can ask as many questions as you can think of, as they will know how to answer them. This expertise ensures maximum efficiency in obtaining your visa – but it goes far beyond that.

The specialized agency provides complete assistance so that you can rest assured and know where to look for help no matter what happens out there. All this in one place! It’s for you to take a deep breath, start the journey off on the right foot, and enjoy this life-changing experience to the full.