Why PMP certification is every penny’s worth

With the competition that is both vigorous and cut-throat, companies are on a constant lookout for project management professionals who can handle different complexities arising during the project lifecycle as well as ensure project success. As per seasoned opinion, higher the number of PMP certified managers in a firm, better the chances of project success, and grander the repute & worth of the company.

There is no doubt that demand for project managers is going to shoot-up, but with the preference for individuals having PMP certification training. Companies are willing to pay 20-50% higher salaries to PMI accredited candidates for their competence in managing projects.

It would be very apt to say that marinating your career with PMP certification in Washington DC will not only help you develop dexterity but also intensify your success as you get barbecued over the coals of on-field project scenarios.

Familiarizing with PMP

Offered by Project Management Institute (PMI) Inc., PMP certification is highly reputed as well as widely recognized accreditation. With guiding principles of PMBok7, the course prepares the candidates for fervent work environment, enabling them to control various parameters of the project and achieving desirable outcomes. 

There are certain pre-requisites for PMP certification, including educational degree, 4,500-7,500 hours of experience in leading & directing projects, and 35 hours of project management education. Though PMP preparation & examination cost ranges from USD 405 to USD 750, industry experts emphasize that this is a worthwhile investment for a rewarding career.

Reasons that make PMP certification so desirable

Before you decide whether to opt for PMP certification in New York, you should be sure about it. Preparing for this accreditation requires dedication and hardwork. Instead of following herd mentality and being a part of the crowd, one should emerge out of the pool and grab the greatest opportunities. In order to clear the chaos and provide clear vision, here are the reasons why PMP certification is worth your time and money:

Stronger resume, higher paycheck

Once you enroll for PMP certification in Austin, you add a gem to your resume which aids in seizing the best job opportunities in the market. When companies open position for project manager, the applications pour in like anything. It becomes impractical and time-consuming for hiring team to interview & assess every individual. Instead, they keep PMP certification as a sensible parameter to shortlist eligible candidates.

Moreover, once hired, PMP professionals are highly valued with supreme pay scale and negligible chances of layoff. This job security is backed by the reason that the core competencies an individual develops during certification course make them an asset to the company.

Hence, not only does PMP accreditation gives one an edge over other contenders, it furthers your career growth path with longer service tenure.                

Companies prefer vendors with PMP professionals

It has been observed that not only are the federal organizations rigid about PMP certification requirement, even private entities and big companies prefer vendors having certified project managers in their reserve. Notably, PMP certification is a guarantee that strictly-defined processes are adhered to, hence highly regulated industries, like defense & aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and financial services among others, do not consider anyone without PMP certification.

Since customers are inclined towards certified project managers, service providers and vendors are focused on expanding their team by hiring more & more PMP candidates.

Mastering skills & using industry specific language

With ‘expect the unexpected’ as the key principle, candidates taking up PMP certification in Boston are trained to encounter unknown and deal with ever-changing project environment. Though every project is different, the time-tested & standardized processes entailed in PMBoK help project managers to foresee and manage situations with utmost efficiency.

Another important aspect of project lifecycle is the effective communication. As team structure changes from project to project, having a common industry language makes it easier to understand the processes and discussion, while ensuring that every team member is on the same page.

Earning a PMP credential is an assurance that you are well-versed in project management skills as well as language.

Showcase your dedication & intelligence

It is widely accepted that clearing PMP certification exam is extremely tough. With questions which test your judgment & decision-making capability, comprehension skills, and attention to details, passing the exam is a clear indicator of your intelligence, setting you apart from the crowd.

The preparation of PMP certification in Washington DC itself showcases the devotion level of a candidate. When one chooses to work for this credential, they are going above & beyond to facilitate their professional development. Apart from their job and family obligations, they are putting in extra hours, energy, and focus to study.

Companies know what all it takes to clear a PMP examination. They appreciate these efforts and value the skills gained by such dedication of candidates.

Handling projects with confidence

Since you would have mastered the project management skills and gotten acquainted with best industry practices by the time you complete your PMP certification, the confidence level will touch the sky. You will know how to handle different situations so as to complete the project within the budget and timeline. Even when there are uncertainties, you will have the confidence to sail through it. And that is what companies look for. They are willing to pay higher salaries to certified project management professionals for the attained skills and confidence.

Expand your horizon with networking

When one signs up for PMI membership, you become a part of the club. The institute organizes regular meet-ups for PMP certification holders across the globe. These meetings help candidates to stay updated with the latest trends and earn PDUs (professional development units) for continuous credential requirements (CCRs). Other benefits of these meetings are advertising job opportunities, developing professional networks, and mentoring PMP aspirants.

I am pretty sure now you can count the benefits of PMP certification. If you are looking to take up PMP certification in New York or PMP certification in Washington DC, Vinsys offers instructor-led online training, corporate training, and classroom training programs with subject matter experts (SEMs) as course advisors. Take the reins of your career in your hands, and ride to the top!