Why Landlords Should Upgrade To Double Glazed Windows

When it comes to meeting the new regulations that require rental homes to maintain a room temperature of 18 degrees or higher, Double Glazed Windows are an excellent investment. These windows consist of two panes of glass with an inert gas or vacuum sealed between them.

Double glazing is a worthy investment that all landlords should consider when attempting to build on property value and investments. The newer the windows, the better the sale. Here is why you should consider making the purchase:

Energy Efficiency

As you may be aware, new regulations have been brought in that will see rental properties required to be more energy efficient with higher levels of heat retention. Landlords can meet these requirements by installing double glazing and other insulation.

With double glazing, a layer of air or argon is trapped between two panes of glass which acts as a natural insulator. This prevents heat loss through convection, radiation, and thermal transfer through the window. This significantly reduces your home’s reliance on heating systems and helps lower energy bills.

Additionally, the insulated layer also restricts external noise and creates a quieter environment inside your property. This is a big benefit if your property is located near busy roads or railway stations. Double glazing prevents excessive sunlight from entering your property which could damage furniture and cause discolouration. 

Reduced Noise

Whether you’re living next door to a loud music venue, a construction site, or an airport, unwanted outdoor noise can disrupt your sleep, increase your stress levels, and lead to serious health issues. Having double glazing installed can significantly reduce noise pollution and create a peaceful home environment.

This is also an attractive feature for tenants and guarantees no disruptions or inconveniences when it comes to outdoor noise.

Increased Value

Due to the fact that double-glazing windows help increase energy efficiency, increase security, reduce noise pollution, and more, it adds to any home’s value and can give your property a boost in the competitive market. Since old windows can cause a lot of household issues, stating that your property has newly fitted double-glazing windows can bring in new and potential tenants, boosting your presence as a landlord.

If you eventually decide to go on and sell the property, the point still stands. New windows are one of the most attractive features to buyers and can boost your home value significantly.

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Reduced Condensation

A glazed window will limit condensation as it prevents moisture from touching the glass. This reduces issues such as mold and mildew growth. It also protects carpet and curtains from fading as it limits the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Increased insulation also reduces noise transmission, boosts security, and helps avoid mold growth.

The gap in between the panes of glass acts as insulation which helps to keep the home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It helps to improve energy efficiency which in turn will lower heating bills.