Which Centre Park Would you choose in France? 4 Best Options

Are you planning a trip to France? If yes, you might have reached here searching for the best center parks in France.  No doubt center parks a popular option for spending holidays in France. These parks provide a great source of entertainment with a bundle of activities that you can perform, quality accommodations, and high-quality places to eat.  

If you are searching for centre parcs France, search no more. This article will make the selection process much easier for you. After reading this article, you will comfortably choose the best center park for your entertainment in France.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started in exploring some of the well-known central parks in France.

4 Best Central Parks in France

Here is a list of the best central parks in France.

1.     Disney Land Park

Disney land is a well-reputed theme park and has been operational for the last 25 years. The park has attracted 320 million people worldwide, which makes it the most popular and successful theme park in Europe.

Disneyland comprises theme parks, restaurants, theme parks, and seven hotels, all of which are owned by Disney. Transportation to and from Disneyland is relatively easy and comfortable. Many trains stop exactly at the park gates and are frequent.

In short, this is an extremely organized park with the best transportation system even during peak times. If you plan to stay in Paris and spend the entire day in Disney Park, you can get shuttle tickets or packages, including entry tickets to the park.

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2.     Le Bois Aux Daims

Le Bois Aux Daims is another viable option if you are searching for the best parks in France. This park is located in the Vienne region, 5km from Morton. The park is situated at 260 Hector Estate and is proudly housing a herd of local deer. In short, the park is located right in the heart of nature.

Le Bois Aux Daims offers numerous activities for young and adults ranging from relaxation to action-seeking adventure. The park provides a suitable environment for you to stay in touch with nature and relax.

You can also explore the Loire valley if you are interested in seeking culture or something different during your stay.

Some of the activities that you can enjoy during your stay at this park include; paintball, golf, nature trails, cycling, tree climbing, and much more.

Another notable feature of this park is that it provides you relaxation and well-being in its Health Spa, named “deep nature spa” that offers a range of treatments, massages, and much more.

More than 300 hotels in Le Bois aux Daims range from budget accommodation to 5-star luxury accommodation. This means you will comfortably find the hotel that most suits your requirements.

3.     Les Ardennes

Les Ardennes is an ideal option if you want to see the museums or other famous landmarks in that area, making this park a scenic and gastronomic delight. The park is situated in the Vielsalm region of France.

Les Ardennes is enriched with everything that you can expect from a center Park. It offers a wide range of activities, including nature walks, bars, and restaurants. This is an ideal place to unwind and stay in touch with nature.

Reaching this park is incredibly easy. A train from London Kings Cross will directly take you to this park. It takes around six hours to reach this park from London Kings Cross.

There are around 995 hotels available in the Les Ardennes. Therefore, you can comfortably choose the one that most suits your requirements.

4.     Les Trois Forets

This park is situated in a 435-hectare natural forest in the Moselle region. This is an on-site waterpark named “Aqua Mundo” and has a wave pool, hot tubs, and water slides. The park also contains bars, restaurants, supermarkets, and bakeries on site.

Les Trois Forets is completely immersed in nature and is very remote, meaning you will not have any problem relaxing at this beautiful central park. Furthermore, the park is an hour’s drive away from Germany and Luxembourg’s borders, making it an ideal location to witness other parts of the city.

There are more than 100 hotels in this theme park, most of which are budget-friendly and are known for providing luxury accommodation.