Ways to Consume CBD in an Appropriate Manner

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is booming everywhere because of its health benefits. It treats several health ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, stress, depression, sleeplessness, epilepsy, etc. CBD is a natural remedy derived from hemp, and you are confused with different ways to consume it. No need to worry. This article might help you.

Cannabidiol can be consumed appropriately in different ways: inhalation, oral, sublingual, and topical. Several options are available, such as capsules, tinctures, creams, oils, edibles, etc. of Lazarus Naturals. Using the best way, you can avail the benefits. Active ingredients in cannabis will not make you high but offer a wide range of health benefits.

Ways to consume CBD in an appropriate manner

Nowadays, there are many products available in the cannabis market. It helps you find the one for your needs, depending upon your budget and your lifestyle. Let us look at the appropriate ways to consume cannabidiol.

1. Inhalation

 Consuming cannabidiol by inhalation is one of the fastest ways to enjoy the health effects. Inhaling it enters the lungs and into the bloodstream. There are two methods of inhalation called smoking and vaping.


Smoking is the fastest delivery system of cannabidiol and gives the highest concentration of CBD. Smoking CBD concentrates by using CBD oil in a pipe is similar to the water pipe. The oil rig is heated where CBD concentrates are placed. Another way is to roll a joint that contains High-CBD cannabis.

Vaping CBD oil

Beginners to vaping can get the vape kit from vaping companies. It is an alternative method for smoking where you can use the same CBD concentrate. This way makes it easy to control your dosage. You can enjoy its benefits without getting the harsh feeling that may harm your lungs and throat you get in smoking.

For vaping, you have to select an appropriate vape pen. We will see the list of cannabis vaporizers in the market:

Tabletop vaporizer

If you are leading a modern lifestyle, you can go for a portable one. It is designed for home use, powered with an outlet. You can use it anywhere to your convenience. If you like to use it only in your home, it is the best option.

Oil-based vape pen

People with an active lifestyle can opt for this to take their daily dose. They are battery-powered, and a USB charger can be used to recharge.

Wax-based vape pen        

It is similar to an oil-based vape pen and is charged at any time. The only difference is the use of wax instead of using oil.

2. Oral intake or ingestion

It is one of the increased ways of consuming CBD in it’s purest form and a discreet method.. Mix edible oil with your food and drinks.

CBD capsules   

It is a simple way to consume for those who don’t like the bitter taste of the oil. Soft gel capsules are easy to swallow and used like other supplements. This method is appropriate to take the cannabidiol in the correct dosage


It is an excellent method to take cannabidiol oil. It is available in different forms of products. CBD can be baked into anything from cookies and brownies to gummies and candies. If you are interested in gummies, it is easy to chew. It gives you a fun experience and acts as a tasty treat for getting your tasty treat.

It is a convenient way of taking dosage, even when away from home during work or traveling. There is no need to keep the edibles in the refrigerator to keep them fresh.   

In a smoothie

Cannabidiol oil has a pungent smell with an earthy taste. Some people don’t like this taste, and they mask the flavor using any delicious ingredients. You can take your dosage by adding it to your smoothie to start a good day. Several smoothie recipes with hemp are available online.

In coffee

Are you interested in coffee to get energy? Then it is for you. Some cannabidiol coffee brands are growing in popularity, coffee beans mixed with cannabidiol. Dairy-free milk infused with cannabidiol is available, which helps to regulate your dosage intake. It helps to take away the anxiety that caffeine gives.

As a salad dressing

You can use cannabidiol oil in your cooking oil daily to get numerous health benefits without making any effort. To have a delicious salad dressing add four tablespoons of olive oil to two teaspoons of cannabidiol oil. Include half a lemon for fragrance and a pinch of salt and pepper.

3. Sublingual method

Drops and tinctures

For the sublingual method, you can take cannabidiol drops and tinctures by placing a few drops under your tongue. Hold it in the mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. This method helps to keep you calm and relaxed. Dosage by this method is easy and gives long-lasting effects.

4. Topical application

If the above ways are not suitable for you, use this topical application method. Topical means balms, creams, or ointments infused with CBD, which can be applied to your skin. You can apply topically at an affected area like the neck, feet, or anywhere. It effectively treats sore muscles, skin conditions like acne and inflammation, and migraine.

Most athletes prefer this method due to their lifestyle. They apply a cream to the muscle sores, body pain, etc. After using the cream, the receptors of CB 1 and CB 2 get activated. Topical salves of cannabidiol infused with many ingredients are present in the beauty line. It has different vitamins for skin protection with antioxidants. Topicals help to prevent the formation of free radicals. There is no need for any accessories to apply it.

Dosage guide

Everyone needs a different dosage depending upon their weight, various health ailments, and many factors. Always start with a few drops, and you can top up throughout the day. It is best to start with 5 mg doses three times a day. Later you can increase the course and keep the dosage below 70 mg per day.


Different methods are available to take the daily dose that will be easy and comfortable. You have to do thorough research about various ways and find a perfect one to take CBD. The best option for an athlete is to take topical, which has pain-relieving properties. If you are at home, then vaping works best for you.

The choice to consume cannabidiol is solely dependent on you. People with work-entitled lifestyles will have a tight schedule, and consuming their daily dose may be difficult. They can go for a discreet method that is edible form, easy to drink.