Since the Covid 19 many fake ID websites have shut down their operations because there is no equipment to operate them such as printers, scanners, and other high-end machines to support them. Since then, has gained large traffic as a result of a large number of users from us. People most often prefer to order fake IDs from this website because of good customer reviews. In this article, we will explain why is appealing to users due to its amazing features.


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1.Updated templates

When it comes to making fake ids, one thing that we see is a good template. This website offers a wide range of new and updated designs that you can pick from 40+ state identifications. While making the best template for you, the designers ask you for several requirements. By providing your vendor with the fake driver’s license or identification card number, license class (A, B, C), fake ID issue date, date of birth, photo background in any new or previous template, inventory numbers, and signatures (custom), the fake ID making process will begin.

2.Provides multiple IDs

There is a vast range of fake ids available at Furthermore, the school and college ID of your children, national IDs, driver’s licenses, and state IDs are included. As each of these items has a different price, it is important to carefully check the prices before placing an order. This website’s wide range of different types of IDs makes it more valuable for the users and enticing to them.

3.Quality materials

There is no way to trace the evidence that your ID is fake at because their fakes are identical to the original government-issued IDs. They create the IDs with such extraordinary skills that it is difficult to recognize the fake from the real. They use high-quality materials like ink, hologram, UV microprint, and the IDs are scannable. The fake ids go through every test there is to create and make a convincing fake identity.

4.Fast shipping

 Today, thousands of sites promise faster delivery services. But these sites fail to deliver on their promises. has the fastest delivery service according to genuine client reviews. This company delivers your card within three to five working days, which is amazing. The fast delivery service makes any order amazing and appealing to the customer. So in terms of getting your packages fast, this site is great. Their extensive features make it perfect for any buyer.


FAQs are a great way to help customers with their queries. Consequently, this site has a FAQ system on their site, which makes it more appealing to visitors. Design instructions for fake ids are provided on their website. In addition, clients can find a section of FAQs on their website. Here you’ll find comprehensive details on ordering, paying, and tracking your ID card order and shipment.