Top Bicycle Maintenance Tips For The Cyclists

For running a bicycle smoothly you need to do the periodic maintenance of it. Every cyclist should know basic maintenance tips to run a cycle with fewer efforts. In a well-maintained bicycle, you have to do fewer efforts of the leg than a bicycle without maintenance. Also, there are lots of chances that your bicycle stop working due to small problems while your trip if it is not serviced on time. Here we will give top bicycle maintenance tips that will help to run your bicycle with almost no repairs.


Bearings play major roles in bicycle maintenance. Check the working of headset bearing, wheel, and crank bearing on a weekly basis. If you found any problem in the working of the headset then replacing headset bearing is a better option. To avoid big repairs in the future, do not ignore any problems in bearings.

Greasing of components

Apply grease to every threaded and moving component of your bicycle on small intervals. In the rainy season, you need to apply more frequently than any other season as rain water washes out all the grease from the bicycle components. Also, do not use high-pressure jets to wash the bicycle as it will remove most of the grease from the bicycle components.

Pressure of tire

Tire of pressure makes big impact on how your bicycle runs. Low pressure of tire means you need to do high efforts to run single peddle. Also, there are lots of chances of repair in tube if the pressure of tires is less. So, before every long trip check the pressure of tires. Fill the air that is sufficient for tires. Also, check valve of the tubes works properly without any damage. Most of the repairs happens due to damaged valve of tire tubes.

Disassembling of parts

Sometimes you need to replace parts of the bicycle. Do not rush while disassembling parts for replacement. If you forget the pattern of assembling it then it will take too much time to replace. The best idea is to take photos or make a video while disassembling so if you forget anything then see the photos or video. For long journey mount your phone on bicycles.

Tool kits and other maintenance

If you find that your bicycle is making noise while running then check all the things properly and find from where the noise comes from. Apply grease on threads of crank bolts and tighten them. Use a torque wrench to tighten bolts. If you get more problems with a bicycle that you can not understand then consult a mechanic. And do repair or replacement as per his advice. Also, keep a basic tool kit, pump, and patch kit so you can do repair if your bicycle stopped on the way.

We hope this article will help you to do basic maintenance of bicycle so that it run smoothly without any problems.