Top 10 Snacks to Eat with Braces

It hurts!’ That’s always the excuse of your children when they don’t want to eat because of their braces. While it is uncomfortable for them to eat because of the pain, you have to explain to them that not eating at all will lead to worse health problems. As moms, we must ensure that our children get the nutrition that they need, and it is our job to make eating a pleasurable experience for them, even if they have braces.

To do so, we have prepared a list of snacks that you can cook for your child with braces to provide the nutrition that they need.

Snacks to eat with Braces


Eggs are the best source of protein that your child can get, and it is also one of the easiest snacks that you can prepare for them. You can cook the egg in different ways– hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached, scrambled, sunny-side up, etc. You may also spice it up with different herbs and spices such as cayenne pepper, turmeric, and basil, or even add sauces such as salsa and pesto! The things you can do with eggs are limitless, and your children will surely love them!

Waffles and Pancakes

If your children are a fan of the sweet stuff, then waffles and pancakes work wonders. Just add your choice of sliced fruit topping like bananas and strawberries and some maple syrup. If you want a healthier alternative, you can consider manuka honey.


If you are looking for an alternative to meat, then tofu is the one for your child. Tofu is another versatile ingredient that you can have for any kind of meal. You can steam it, fry it, saute it into a saucy dish, put it in salads and soups, or even consume it as a dessert like tofu pudding. 

Mashed Potatoes

Sometimes, we don’t really have time to cook. But, that isn’t an excuse for your child with braces to not be able to eat anything! Instant mashed potatoes can be bought in most of the groceries near you and can be prepared easily. If you want a healthier alternative, you can try mashing cauliflowers!

Burger Patties

Is your child a protein eater? Burger patties are easier to chew and digest than meat since the meat has already been grounded for you. You can opt to buy ready-made patties or make your own patties by buying ground pork, chicken, or beef. Serve this with rice and gravy or with bread as a burger, but make sure to slice the burger into small bites!

Spaghetti with Meatballs

Just like burger patties, meatballs are also easy to chew and digest. Pair this with pasta and the sauce of your choice and your kids will surely enjoy eating again! Pomodoro, Carbonara, Alfredo, Pesto– imagine all the dishes you can create!

Mac and Cheese

Another instant dish you can make for your child with braces is mac and cheese. Everyone loves mac and cheese, and your child is no exception to it!


If your kids are in extreme pain with their braces, it’s better to opt for comfort food. Serve them with porridge and top it with fish fillet, sliced chicken, or eggs and they’ll surely feel better afterward.

Hummus and Bread

Is your child into dipping sauces? Try hummus. Serve it with bread or soft tortillas while they’re watching their favorite Netflix show and they might not stop snacking on it!

Macaroni Soup

Another comfort food on the list is macaroni soup. However, if your kids aren’t really a fan of soups, you can try spicing things up. You can try different shapes of pasta like shell-shaped or alphabet-shaped ones to convince your child with braces to eat.

Ingredients to Avoid

Mixing and matching different food items to make your dish more appetizing for your child with braces can be very exciting, but make sure to avoid these ingredients so that it won’t make eating painful for your child.

Chewy or Sticky Ingredients

Avoid putting gums, caramel, or even gummies in your child’s snacks. This will only cause discomfort for them while eating.

Crunchy Food

Chips, pretzels, tacos, and other crunchy food are a big no-no when your kid has braces.

Hard Snacks

Avoid mixing nuts, candies, and chocolate bars into their snacks. However, you may blend these and mix them into your snacks if they cannot be avoided.

Food that you Bite On

Apples, carrots, and corn on the cob are not recommended for people with braces. If you wish to add these ingredients, make sure to chop or slice them properly.

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Consult with your Child’s Orthodontist

If you are still unsure of what are the best foods for your child with braces, it is best to set an appointment with an orthodontist in Washington, DC

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