Tips and Tricks for Wearing a Kaftan

Kaftans are loose-fitting, yet they always look good on and flow naturally. Such dresses aren’t only for the beach, despite what some people, women included, assume. A kaftan isn’t only for the beach; it can be much more. No matter the setting, such a dress will make an impression. All you have to do is style it correctly. Kaftans are typically knee-length dresses with long, flowy arms. These long, buttoned-up robes were once common for men in the Middle East. Conventionally, these dresses were either silk or cotton and had a belt or ribbon around the waist and sleeves that reached to the elbow or even farther. Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace has a stunning collection of similar dresses made from opulent textiles. It was considered a privilege for the Ottoman Sultans of Turkey and people with a high social position to wear these dresses at the time. Ottoman imperial authorities and military leaders who had achieved greatness on the battlefield were sometimes presented with this coveted article of clothing as a token of their appreciation.

On the Beach

A dress worn in this manner has become more trendy in recent years. Wearing a beach coverup quickly elevates your beach wardrobe to the next level. If you seek a way to dress up your bikini or swimsuit, such a dress is a great choice. In addition, it can shield you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The fact that it isn’t a fitted garment means that you may wear it on the sand and not worry about overheating your feet. If you’re a woman concerned about revealing too much flesh in a bikini, such a dress is a perfect solution for you. It will keep you cool while still making you seem stunning, and you may expose as much skin as you like. Wear it to the beach with a pair of fashionable sandals and your designer sunglasses. With the addition of a belt, you’re all set for the beach.

For both formal and informal events

All ladies, regardless of their stature or size, may wear a dress and cover whatever areas of the body they don’t want to show off. For example, a dress with long sleeves and a low V-neck may be attractive for ladies with a larger chest. Boho chic may be achieved with a pair of flat sandals (preferably Ancient Greek style, but any leather item would), a soft shoulder bag, and a pair of enormous designer sunglasses. Go to the beach or a casual summer weekend party with this tee. You may liven up your dress for more formal events by opting for a more fitting pattern and a beautiful fabric like silk. Consider a dress with layers of transparent fabric for an extra dose of sex appeal. Wear it with jewellery (such as a silver or gold belt) for more formal occasions. Make a statement with a pair of high-heeled shoes embellished with jewels.

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You may accessorise your safari/West Africa-inspired dress in a matching headwrap and scarf (or even an open-brimmed straw hat!). Use a broad leather belt with your dress to create the illusion of a smaller waist. Shorts look great with such tops made of silk or cotton. You can attain the relaxed summer aesthetic you’ve always wanted with a few beads. A kaftan is ideal for lounging about and sleeping in because of how soft and loose-fitting they are. To keep cool even on hot days, choose a design you enjoy and a natural fabric for your garment.