Recovery And Risks For Balloon Kyphoplasty

When there is a fracture in one of your vertebrae, it can be painful. It also makes it difficult for you to move around because the brakes result in rubbing against each other, causing pain.

Balloon kyphoplasty helps treat such fractures where the doctor injects the mixture of cement into your vertebra, which gives you strength. The mixture is inserted such that it inflates a balloon by creating an opening, and then the balloon is removed once the cement is injected into the vertebra.

Patients with balloon kyphoplasty 

This procedure is effective for treating people who have weak bones. The bones that weekend can also be caused due to osteoporosis, the disease where bone density is lost.

Balloon kyphoplasty is used to mend the fractures of the bone, especially the vertebral bone. There is no penetrative technique for osteoporosis, but there are some risks that are associated with the procedure.

The procedure is generally for older people as the bone cement is said to have no long-term effects.

For preparing for balloon kyphoplasty, there are some surgical procedures that are needed to be followed. Initially, if you feel that there is some pain in the vertebra due to an accident or movement, then you should contact a doctor.

The doctor will suggest you do some tests such as x-ray and MRI scans, and it will help the surgeon to see that which areas are needed to be repaired by the surgery. Along with it will also be certain tests for your blood and overall body has done.

For preparing for the surgery, you also need to discuss all your medical conditions with your doctor, where you need to tell them your family medical history and your medical history. It would be best to mention that you have any diseases such as blood pressure or diabetes. Also, mention any type of medications that you are taking.

Preparing for the surgery 

Once the doctor has given you a green flag that balloon kyphoplasty is possible for your vertebra, then you will be given and anesthesia where the surgery will be performed. Surgery usually will take an hour. Once the cement is inserted, the doctor will ask you to rest for some time. This surgery is very important and is to be e done under a lot of medication because the slightest error will lead you to lose your spine and vertebra.

Recovery and risks for the surgery 

The procedure will require to rest you a lot. You need to engage for an hour, and you will feel some soreness. Initially, you will not be advised to do any type of normal activities or any physical activities. Later after some time, the doctor will advise you to resume all the activities. In between, the doctor may ask you to walk a little to give your vertebra a habit. The doctor will also give you some bone-strengthening supplements and medications along with pain killers in case of a lot of pain.

When talking about balloon kyphoplasty, there is very little chance that there will be infection or bleeding in the area of your skin, or sometimes it can lead to nerve damage or weakness. Watch cases any allergic reaction is seen.

But you need not worry because balloon kyphoplasty is mostly seen as successful in many cases. Post-treatment, you need to follow medications suggested by the doctor and also follow a healthy diet. Take utmost care of your back while the surgery is fresh. After the surgery, you need to visit your doctor for consultation as per schedule.