Popular equipment for airsoft

Today’s topic will be airsoft, choosing the right airsoft peripheral equipment, and not overloading yourself in the game. But first, what is airsoft? This is a team game of a military nature that allows you to feel like an army man on a combat mission where you have to survive and destroy as many enemies as possible. The team with the most survivors wins.

The game is safe because shooting comes from copies of real weapons, but instead of bullets, shooting will be done from unique balls of paint or other liquid that can leave a mark on your clothes. A fascinating game that interests you from the first time. And at any age, this game will bring pleasure and not enough destructive emotions.

Airsoft is very popular not only as entertainment but also as a safe practice and getting a good experience with weapons. Future soldiers often go to play airsoft, so in the future, when he serves, they will already have at least some understanding of the military. After all, the fighting often takes place in the forest; therefore, most often, particular areas for playing airsoft are located in the woods.

It would help if you had special equipment, weapons, and different types of protection. And right now, we will talk about how to choose the right peripheral equipment for airsoft.

How to choose airsoft peripherals.

First of all, you must take care of safety in dangerous places for the head, eyes, groin, and other vulnerabilities. You will need a special airsoft helmet, it will look like a regular military helmet, but it will be much lighter than a real one. And all because the hit will not be solid; as we have already said, shooting is made from paintballs. But still, it will be much more pleasant if you play in a helmet. I also don’t want to get into the eyes since you can be left without them. To do this, you will need to purchase special airsoft goggles that completely cover your eyes, and you will stay with them after the game. To protect you from getting into the groin, since this is also reasonably necessary and a vulnerable place for a person, you also need protection for this organ. It’s almost entirely because of these vital organs that you need special equipment to protect you from pain or injury.

What equipment do you still need, and why? For starters, if you want to play airsoft well without losing, you need different equipment. For a good attack and shooting, it would be advisable for you to purchase a good sight for your weapon, with which you can quite well and, most importantly, at a great distance, hit your enemy.

To confuse the enemy and knock the ego off your location, you also need different types of safe grenades: namely, a smoke grenade and a blank grenade. With the help of the smoke, you can move away from the enemy and have your location changed quickly. If the enemy knows where you are, it is best to throw it in his direction or just away from you. Thus, you can confuse the enemy and quickly move to another place.

Why do I need a blank grenade, and what needs to be done? Well, first of all, to frighten off the enemy and also distract him from you. After all, the grenade itself is not dangerous, it just emits a deafening explosion, and with the help of this explosion, you can distract from shooting at you and attack the enemy yourself.

Since your bullets aren’t infinite, you’ll need to stock up well enough to keep your ammo stocked up for a long time, ideally until the end of the game.

With these different weapons and equipment, your game will get better and better, and it will be much easier to win. Your power will be much higher, and you will feel the difference between playing with much different ammo and only bullets.

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How not to overload yourself.

All this equipment will take up a lot of your space. And so you are not overloaded, we will tell you what you need to purchase for a comfortable and convenient game. The first and essential is a good camouflage suit with many different big pockets. In them, you can stock up on a sufficiently large number of cartridges for your airsoft guns. Also, for communication between teammates, you can put a walkie-talkie in your pocket and quickly get it.

For comfortable carrying of all grenades, you will also need unique belts with compartments for these grenades. To avoid carrying everything in your pockets and to get a grenade quickly, it is best to have such a belt. After all, it will significantly facilitate your movement and will not hamper your actions. If you have all this, you will feel good and not overload yourself.

So, we learned what airsoft is, what it is for, and who plays it. We made sure that this game is intended not only for entertainment and killing extra time but also for professional training of future military personnel. We also told us what you need to know about this game and how to make it easier for you. Everyone should try to play this game and feel like they are on an actual battlefield or on some secret mission. Age is not a hindrance!