Pick The Perfect Ring To Pop The Question – A Comprehensive Guide To Finding The Best Engagement Ring

Planning to propose to the person they love is an exciting time for any individual. Several thoughts are rushing through the mind that can get them confused and overwhelmed. The two main points constantly on their mind are the ring and the proposal. The proposal itself is intimate and unique to each couple. Engagement rings are unique to the wearer. It depends on their personality, the style they like, and many more aspects. The individual must invest their hard-earned money in an expensive piece of diamond jewellery for the love of their life only after considering these factors.

Over various periods, diamond rings and their styles evolved, creating a revolution in the jewellery industry. In the earlier days, the stone cut, clarity and size did not matter as much as today. Celebrities who are engaged wear huge rocks on their fingers with the most brilliant cut and clarity. Others prefer wearing minimalistic designs with a simple yet elegant band. The inspiration to select a diamond band is endless. There are several other essential factors to consider before investing in diamonds. The following section will go in-depth about them for individuals to make the right choice.

Tips to keep in mind while looking for engagement rings online:

  • Carat size and budget: The primary factor to consider while browsing for a diamond ring is to forecast the expenditure. Many brands have stunning collections of diamonds on their website. Austen & Blake is an example of one such brand that displays exquisite pieces on its website. Brands will have a range of diamonds that vary in cost, anywhere between $1000 to $40,000. The price can differ due to factors like the carat of the diamond and its clarity. The higher the carat, the more expensive it is. A similar concept applies to the clarity or purity of the diamond. The refractive index varies when the purity of the diamond differs. Setting a budget will clear all these doubts and select the best ring.
  • Stone shape and band: Engagement rings come in different styles. Every diamond band is customisable, depending on the customer’s requests. The customer can choose from a wide range of stone cuts and band’s material, colour and arrangement. There are many precious metals like gold, platinum, silver, white gold and more. They can change the look of the entire ring, depending on the diamond’s colour and width. The stone cuts are also customisable from a selection of princess cuts, pear cuts, oval cuts, classic round cuts, cushion cuts, or a simple six or eight-stone arrangement. The shape depends on what the wearer likes. Hence, it is crucial to find out what the person prefers before finalising the ring’s design. After all, they will wear it for the rest of their life!

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  • Ring measurements: Imagine making all the right decisions by taking help from the points above but forgetting to get the ring size! That is the last thing an individual would do while purchasing a diamond ring. With the help of a close relative or best friend, the person must sneakily get their to-be fiance’s ring finger measurements and submit the correct circumference to the jeweller. The websites online showcase engagement rings that come in varying band sizes, allowing the customer to submit relevant dimensions and order the product. These brand websites have a return policy allowing customers to exchange the ring or readjust the size if there are any defects or the wrong size.