Online casino tournaments – types and features

A simple game in an online casino may one day bore even an experienced gambler, who sooner or later will want variety. And in order to keep and entertain the player, the operator sometimes resorts to such a technique as slot tournaments. This gives the player the opportunity to feel the spirit of competition and a chance for a prize in the online segment, so that they can leave best online casino reviews UK.

What is a slot tournament?

Recently, tournaments have become a popular marketing tool in online casinos. The essence of the tournament is quite simple – the player who scored the most points becomes the winner and receives a prize from the site.

In general, such events can be divided into two types:

  • Free spins tournament – free to participate. After the player decides to participate, the casino gives him a certain number of free spins for a certain slot. For their use you need to get the biggest winnings among other participants of the competition.
  • Cash or buy-in tournament – to participate, the player needs to pay a certain amount that will go to the prize pool. The operator gives the participant free spins or chips (for other games), with which, again, you need to get the largest amount of winnings.

In general, there are so-called X-tournaments with real money games. To become a winner, the client needs to get the highest winning multiplier. Most tournaments are usually held as part of a loyalty program for a certain category of customers. It can be either an invitation competition or a tournament for customers with a special status. 

But there are also special events for those who have just registered. Thus, the casino increases interest in itself.

The initiator of the tournament can be both an online casino and its game provider. The latter often launch events after a fresh release, as well as independently apply to the gambling platform with a tournament offer. Operators can also contact the provider themselves.

The most popular game for tournaments are slots, but sometimes the event can be held on a casino table game or other product.

Types of tournaments

The events themselves are not limited only by the above-mentioned regulations. For example, there are competitions where new registered players are automatically entered, or tournaments for a limited number of participants that start as soon as the seats are filled. Some tournaments allow users to play even if they have run out of free spins or tournament points.

In general, tournaments are useful for casinos in any case. An experienced player has the opportunity to get a prize and remain interested in the game, and a beginner can learn deposit and bankroll management, understand the principle of slot management, learn the nuances of the bonus game and choose games to his liking.


Online casino tournaments are quite an effective marketing tool that works both for retaining and attracting new players. Players get an interesting time and a chance to win, and casinos get further interest of customers. The competitions themselves can function both as part of the loyalty program and as a separate tool. It all depends only on the goal that the operator and its whole wants to achieve