Netgear Nighthawk Admin Password Not Working? Try This!

Netgear routers, like all other routers, have the default settings pages that you can access via any browser. However, some Netgear router users have mentioned in forum posts that they are facing issues while logging into their Nighthawk router using their admin passwords.Some users have mentioned that ‘ refused to connect’ error comes into view once they attempt to open their router settings pages. Below are a number of resolutions which may fix the Netgear Nighthawk admin password not working issue.

Fix: Netgear Nighthawk Router Admin Password Isn’t Working

1. Re-Check The Login Details For The Router

First, ensure that you’re actually entering the proper default password for your Netgear Nighthawk WiFi router. The Netgear Router Password page includes a complete list of default login passwords for the varied router models. You just need to open that page in a web browser to see the Nighthawk router login details for your router model. You would possibly also find the settings page’s login details on a sticker at the bottom side of your router.

2. Don’t Believe Saved Passwords

Make sure your web browser isn’t trying to automatically log in to the router‘s web page. Your browser might automatically enter a saved password for the router settings page. If that’s the case with you, delete that password. After that, type the default password for the Netgear Nighthawk WiFi router yourself.

3. Close Up Third-Party Antivirus Software

Third-party antivirus utilities also are known to dam access to routers’ web-based settings pages. So, another Netgear router troubleshooting tip is to try disabling third-party antivirus software by right-clicking on their system tray icons and selecting a close up or disable option.
If there is no disable setting on the context menu, you need to launch the primary window of antivirus utility and navigate to its settings tab. Thereafter, try to access the Netgear Nighthawk login web page with the antivirus software disabled.
4. Disable All Browser Extensions

According to some users, they are able to fix Netgear Nighthawk WiFi router login errors by turning off the browser extensions. In order to do so in Google Chrome, you have to click on the Customize and Control Google Chrome button.
Post that, choose the More tools > Extensions option. Click on the toggle switches next to the extensions you would like to disable for some time.

5. Reset The Web Browser

If you’ve got numerous extensions, resetting the browser to its factory settings is often a faster way thanks to turn all of them off. To reset Google Chrome, type ‘chrome://settings/’ within the browser’s URL bar and press Return.
Scroll down and click on the Advanced button. Thereafter, click on the Restore settings to their original defaults button at bottom side of the Settings page. Then click on Reset settings to revive the browser to its original settings.

6. Reset the Netgear Nighthawk Router

Chances are that the Netgear Nighthawk router’s password has been changed from the first default one. However, you are able to restore the first login password by pressing the tiny push button at the rear of the router with a paperclip. Press that button for about a few seconds until the router’s lights becomes solid. Additionally, turn the router off and back on after resetting.
Note: You can also download and install the latest Netgear firmware update on your Nighthawk router to fix the login errors.So, these were a number of the foremost probable resolutions for fixing Netgear Nighthawk WiFi router admin password login issues.