Meme Marketing Blunders to Avoid for Boosting Your Brand Awareness & Follower Count

No matter what business you are involved in, if you are on social media platforms, you simply cannot miss encountering memes. All of us are well aware of memes as smart tools of mood refreshment and online entertainment. You simply cannot be on the Internet without getting acquainted with memes. According to Forbes, memes are considered to be one of the most effective forms of communication for Millennials. Memes are all over the Internet and are known to contain intriguing or amusing static images, GIFs, or videos with a proper caption. If you share a picture with a humorous thought bubble, it doesn’t automatically mean you have shared a meme. You may keep in mind that meme has got nothing to do with a particular kind of media. Rather, it is the sharing act that culminates in its meme status. You got to remember that memes are: 

· Relevant to your precise target audience

· Shared quickly across a number of platforms

· Easily replicable 

· Relating to current events or popular culture

Memes surely are the best way of communicating with your target audience. A poor selection of memes could make others laugh at your brand and not at your memes. Here are some common blunders that you should consciously avoid to take your brand’s meme marketing to the next level.

Blunder: Choosing To Use Outdated Memes

Memes that are in circulation once will be in vogue for some time. The period they would be in demand may vary from just a few days and weeks to a few months and years. Before including a specific meme in your marketing plan, make sure that the meme has been successful in evoking a positive response by making people laugh. Refrain from including a stale or outdated meme in your brand’s marketing stratagem because in such a case, your memes will get negligible to no response at all. It is a wise idea to stay abreast of the latest developments in the world of memes. Nobody is interested in memes that have reached their expiration dates. The best timing schedule would mean sharing a particular meme when the trend starts to attain heights of popularity.

Blunder: Being Unimaginative

Creativity is always rewarded in the end. Creativity is most appreciated and acknowledged in the digital world. Remember if you are creative and innovative in your approach, your content is more likely to go viral. It is mandatory to be creative. It is not essential to generate a brand new meme on every occasion. You can focus on improvising existing memes to infuse a new flavor. Choose currently popular memes from Meme Scout and infuse a whole new dimension to give it a magical twist.

Blunder: Trying a Bit Too Hard

It is best not to try too hard to appear funny. If you try a bit too hard, you risk making a fool of yourself. You need to put in the right amount of effort and time to make your memes worthy of people’s attention. However, refrain from going overboard.


You should realize that making mistakes is part of the learning process. You should learn from the meme marketing blunders committed by other brands. Once you steer clear of these mistakes, be sure to emerge victoriously!