Key Gambling Trends in 2022

By 2022, technology will have shifted the way most gamblers play their favorite games. Mobile devices and a greater acceptance of online gambling will make playing a different experience for most people. More consumers in Asia and Europe will be participating in this activity with an increase of Asian gaming companies beginning to infiltrate the market all around the world. Overall, more money is expected to be bet on these types of activities than ever before resulting in new land-based casinos being built as well as stakeholders looking into creating legalized online sportsbooks. In particular, here are some insights about key gambling trends in 2022:

1.) The convergence of mobile and social casino gamers  – In a few years, there will be a shift from people who play social casino games for fun to those that find themselves playing more often on their phones. This phenomenon is now seen as the two separate demographics are now converging with each other. While some see this as a negative trait as it is considered anti-social, others view it as a positive area worth exploring due to its potential for revenue generation. In fact, some predict that half of the current global players will be found on mobile devices making up over 50% of the market by 2022. As these types of games are moving to more social platforms, they are becoming more popular since people already have their friends’ connections stored on their phones. This is expected to continue making it easier for gamers to communicate with each other while playing the same game.

2.) Increase in popularity of eSports worldwide  – By 2022, eSports are expected to be a multibillion-dollar industry that has seen its popularity increase exponentially over the past few years around the world. Viewership numbers have skyrocketed due to its appeal across different demographics and generations leading companies like ESPN and others offering coverage of these types of games online or on traditional TV screens. Not only will this continue drawing in new players but also sponsorship revenue from advertisers. Asian gaming component Holdings Ltd currently owns a majority of the market in this area and is expected to continue its strong presence moving forward. Other companies planning to enter the space soon include Sky PLC and Walt Disney Co.

3.) Land-based casinos building a presence in regulated online sports betting  – Casinos focused on land-based games will be utilizing technology to build a bridge between their gambling halls and players around the world online. This may not seem like a direct trend but it is part of a broader one where mobile devices, social media platforms, and different gaming arenas are all converging together. By 2022, traditional casino operators will start taking part in online poker rooms from countries where gambling was previously legalized such as New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware among others. More states are planning to follow suit in the next few years with Delaware’s lottery going live this summer.

4.) Increase of Asian gaming companies making an impact in the market worldwide  – As an investor. It is important to remember that Asian gaming companies are a key players when they comes to casino online, poker room, and eSport. Not only does this continue fueling new interest in gambling among consumers but also new technology like virtual reality (VR) may make these games even more realistic by 2022. While many countries still haven’t legalized these types of activities on land or online at all, some experts predict that more than 60% of consumers will be participating in regulated sports betting globally by 2022. Gambling activities like these are expected to contribute significantly towards economic growth as well as create new jobs and careers for people around the world in a variety of industries.

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As a result, it is no surprise that these trends are expected to bring about significant opportunities in the next few years. How this all unfolds will be interesting to watch over the course of the next several years. As technology becomes more sophisticated, new games or variations of popular ones are likely to emerge as well changing what people can expect from gambling in general.