Keep Your Restaurant Clean With A Coir Logo Mat

If you’re running any kind of food service establishment, you know how important health and hygiene is. To that end, you obviously want to prevent dirt and debris from covering the floor of your premises. Whether you have carpeted or hard flooring, footprints, mud and grime not only look unappealing to customers but also bring bacteria into your restaurant, café or bar. This can cause a major problem in any food preparation and service area, so finding ways to keep your floor as clean as possible is essential.

The answer to the ongoing problem of floor cleanliness can lie in a coir logo mat. Attractive, strong, durable and perfect for your restaurant, a coir mat will stop dirt from being tracked over your floors and yet will still be aesthetically pleasing. 

If you’re more interested in finding out more about how your restaurant, café or bar could benefit from a coir logo mat, read on and find out some of the advantages of choosing this natural fibre for your entrance.

What Is Coir?

Coir is a hard and resilient fibre which is found between the outer shell and the husk of a coconut. It is used in a wide variety of products from ropes and brooms to door mats. Stiff and coarse, infused with lignin, it can resist fungal and bacterial growth effectively, making it an ideal choice for your restaurant or café’s flooring. Even better for those who are keen to reduce their carbon footprint, coir products are biodegradable and sustain and implement the green movement to protect the environment since they are made from renewable sources. Coir door mats offer a significant way to support a healthier environment.

What Are The Benefits Of Coir Door Mats?

There are numerous benefits of choosing a coir door mat instead of an ordinary carpeted one. Some of the advantages include:

  • Speedy drying – since coir mats dry very quickly, mildew and mould has no chance to form. 
  • Effective cleaning – coir mats are very good at cleaning moisture and dirt from shoes so when people enter your restaurant or café, no mud or debris will be tracked onto your carpets or hard floors. 
  • Water resistance – unlike carpeted door mats which rapidly become soggy when you come in from the rain, coir mats are water resistant and this means that you won’t need to worry about them becoming too wet on even the rainiest days of the year. Also, a coir mat will protect your floors from salt damage during the freezing winter weather.
  • They clean easily – cleaning up couldn’t be easier since the coarse coir fibres are resistant to dirt particles. They also react well to mild soaps, so getting them looking pristine is a breeze, giving your customers the right impression of your establishment.
  • Coir mats don’t generate static electricity.

Logo Printing On Your Coir Mat

Not only is a coir mat a great choice for your restaurant’s entrance for all of the above reasons but it is also ideal for getting your restaurant or café brand out there to a wider audience by whiite list. You can choose to have your brand logo on your coir mat for even greater exposure. 

When the brand logo is cut into the mat rather than printed onto its surface, it will last even longer and look even better. With bright, attractive colours, your restaurant entrance will look even more attractive and appealing to your customers and you’ll also be protecting your floors from damage, dirt and debris. 

First Mats can supply your food service establishment with a premium quality coir mat which will stand the test of time. Made to the highest standards, you can customise your mat with your chosen brand logo for a stylish floor covering that is also incredibly practical. Made only from natural coir fibres which are environmentally sound, they have impressive dirt trapping and moisture resistant properties paired with a flexible and strong backing of PVC to guard against slipping on even hard floors.

Thanks to our satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that you’ll be delighted with your purchase.  We can even give you a no-obligation free quote with free visuals to show you just how good your coir logo mat will look before you buy. Your restaurant or café will look great and your floors will stay hygienically clean when you choose our high quality coir floor mats.