Jobs on the go! Upload CV on Waah Jobs to Ensure maximum calls from Recruiters

Has it been over a month since you last uploaded your CV on an online job portal and still haven’t gotten any calls from recruiters yet? Well, here is where you might have erred!

Incomplete Profile

Experts at Waah Jobs, an online recruitment marketplace, are of the view that the more complete your profile is, the better are the chances of recruiters noticing you. Thus, when you fill up your profile on an online job portal, ensure that it is 100 per cent complete. From your work experience, academic background to the key skills that you possess, give as much detail as you can.

Outdated Profile

When did you last update your CV? Are you still applying for jobs with the same profile that you uploaded over a month back? This may be one of the reasons why you have not been getting calls from recruiters. As an active jobseeker, it is imperative to update your profile regularly or at least once or twice a week. This helps in making your job application more visible in the search engine. Moreover, since you have not been updating your profile as much, recruiters may assume that you are no longer looking for jobs.

Incorrect Contact Details

If you are applying for jobs through Waah Jobs or any other platform for that matter, one of the most crucial things is, to mention the correct contact details and get them verified.  This enables your potential employer to reach out to you conveniently. You don’t want a thing as simple as contact details to hamper your job application process, do you?

Applying for only one or two Jobs

One of the many mistakes that jobseekers make is that they wait for recruiters’ calls after applying for just one or two jobs. Those few applications may turn out to be success. However, it is to be noted that, the more jobs you apply to, the better are the chances of getting maximum calls from recruiters. Moreover, there is no such thing as too much job offers, isn’t it?

Additionally, before applying for any jobs, make sure to read the job description thoroughly so you know what you are signing up for. From job responsibilities, to shift timing, week offs and benefits, you will get all the information you need from that section.

At Waah Jobs, jobseekers can even schedule an interview on their own. Thus, use the feature ‘book interview’ and schedule an interview with your potential employer and select the date and time as per your availability. If need be, connect directly with the HR for booking interview or asking any other queries. From delivery boy, backend jobs to customer care, the number of opportunities at Waah Jobs is abounding. However, ensure that you don’t let your dream job slip out of your hands just because you missed out some basic steps.

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