Is the 1 oz gold coin one of the best gold coins for investing? Yes – Find out why here!

Are you considering investing in rare or precious metals? If you don’t know where to start with your investments, we have a good starting point for beginners to ensure they get a great capital gain over the years – the 1 oz gold coin. Although there are other options out there, such as rare silver coins or gold bullions, the 1 oz gold coin is arguably one of the best choices for investing – for beginners and experts alike! Let’s see why the 1 oz gold coin will continue increasing in value over the years and can provide you with a good safeguard for investing your hard-earned money. After all, you do not have to worry about investing in gold like you would with online cryptocurrencies or other riskier investment methods!

Why is the 1 oz gold coin a good investment?

The 1 oz gold coin is consistently on the list of the best gold coins to buy in today’s market. Alongside other options like the one-ounce Canadian maple leaf coin, British sovereign coins, the South African gold krugerrand coin, the one-ounce Chinese gold panda coin, and the American gold buffalo coin, the one-ounce gold coin is one of the best investments for coin collectors.

Although the gold bullion marketplace is constantly increasing in size and brevity, investing in the 1 oz gold coin is one of the ways that you can make smart decisions for your future. Even though doing research on your own can seem overwhelming with the number of investment choices when it comes to precious metals, use our guide to find out why the 1 oz gold coin is one of the best investments for you. 

The American gold eagle one-ounce coin typically costs only $50 – but can increase in value over the years! First issued back in 1986, the American gold eagle one-ounce coin is always a good choice for coin investors and coin collectors. But why? Compared to other coin options, the one-ounce gold coin contains a high level of gold content and is very low when it comes to other gold purchases. When comparing the gold coin to gold bullion or the 1/10 ounce coin, the $50 price tag is a low price to pay for such a hefty investment. 

Even though the American gold eagle coin series comes in various coin sizes, the 1 oz gold coin is arguably the best investment for beginners and expert coin collectors alike. When comparing the value of the 1 oz gold coin to other size coins, you will find that for the weight, this coin is the best value you can get!  

The 1 oz gold coin contains .9167-fine gold – meaning that it is a very high purity value for a gold coin. When taking the $50 price into account, this is virtually a steal for all coin collectors! Since this coin is very popular among coin collectors and financial gurus alike, you will be able to find it almost anywhere online or in person. Even though it is not considered a rare gold coin, it is one of the best ways to guarantee a higher return on investment years down the line. 

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Avoid any mistakes with your investments and choose to spend your money on the 1 oz gold coin. This type of coin will only increase in value, contains a low price tag for what you are getting, and is easy to find on the market!