Is E-commerce Turning To M-commerce? Know how Mobile Application Is Stimulating A Revolution in E-commerce Sector

While COVID 19 has disrupted the world’s businesses, one of the very few sectors that have flourished is e-commerce. The drastic switch to online purchases has reflected the dramatic growth of the online retail industry. Moreover, customers are using their phones for shopping more than ever, which is one of the main reasons the e-commerce sector has managed to succeed.

Food, clothes, electronics, grocery, you name anything, you have an app for it. The movement of e-commerce turning to m-commerce (mobile commerce) is in full swing. Let’s know why mobile apps have started ruling the e-commerce sector.

Easy to use

The most visible reason for customers to opt for mobile applications is the convenience that it offers. Who would not want a pocket-sized device having the power to deliver the monthly groceries at their doorsteps by making just a few clicks while slouching on their couch! The urge to do things with the least effort was and will always be in trend, won’t it?

Searching and filters

One of the primary reasons for people to opt for online shopping is that it allows them to see exactly what they want while getting a variety of options at the same time. While in a brick-and-mortar supermarket, they might have to rely on the shopkeeper to show them selected pieces that too form a limited collection.

Better Performance

Undoubtedly, mobile apps run smoother and faster than desktop websites due to proper optimization. Unlike websites, the user interface of Android mobile apps, for example, is designed considering the screen size, which further enhances the customer’s shopping experience.

Tracking and analysis

Through SMS and email notifications and in-app tracking options, it becomes easier to check the status of purchases through mobile applications. From OTPs to UPI payments, we can find all the conveniences integrated into mobile phones. On the other hand, apps also give a platform to the customers to review and recommend products that are not possible in traditional shopping methods.

Futuristic expectations

To boost the growth further, e-commerce players will focus on enhancing the customer experience. The use of augmented reality can make the browsing process for customers more creative, engaging and help shoppers make more informed decisions. Customers would upload their photos to the mobile app to see how a piece of clothing looks on their body, giving a wholesome experience to the customers.

The impact of mobile apps in accelerating e-commerce business has made even the smallest of small businesses invest in them. Being a leading Digital Engineering Company, TechAhead believes in empowering such businesses by creating mobile apps and web portals to attract and engage millions of users and convert them into customers. 

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