How to Teach Subtraction to 2nd Grade Children Using Worksheets?

Once your children get acquainted with numbers, lines and shapes, they are introduced to addition and subtraction. Sometimes children in 2nd grade are able to understand and solve problems related to addition easily. But, it is overwhelming to see that kids find it difficult to understand subtraction related problems with regrouping. In such cases, you need to strengthen your teaching methodology as well as upgrade tools that can make their learning easier. Unlike addition, subtraction is also one of the important arithmetic concepts that each and every child must learn.

Learning subtraction enables 2nd graders to build a strong foundation in order to develop good mathematical skills. You need to teach them the difference between addition and subtraction with the help of real life examples so that they understand the concept in a much better way. They must understand that subtraction is taking away or finding the difference between the  numbers. To help them practice, you can download 2nd grade subtraction worksheets. These worksheets are extremely beneficial in helping children to solve and make fast calculations related to subtraction. Most importantly, you need to provide worksheets to kids that give them clear instructions on how to solve subtraction problems.

It is important to make children familiar with subtraction before moving on to the complex concepts such as multiplication and division. Using worksheets will enable children to learn the concept and practice problems while having fun. They would immerse themselves in learning subtraction until they become completely acquainted with the concept. To make them understand the concept better, teach them single digit subtraction numbers such as 4 – 2 = ?, 8 – 6 = ?, 7 – 1 = ?, etc followed by bigger numbers.

Tips to Learn Subtraction for 2nd Grade Children

Some of the easy tips and tricks to learn subtraction for 2nd graders using worksheets are mentioned below:

  • Practice single digit numbers: In the beginning, kids must be instructed to subtract single digit numbers so that they understand the concept in an effective manner. In the subtraction equation, there is a minuend and subtrahend separated by a minus sign (-) to find the difference. Make sure that the math problems do not include regrouping that can be taught to children once they understand the concept of subtraction. For example, 3 – 2 = 1, 9 – 5 = 4, 8 – 4 = 4, etc.
  • Practice double digit numbers: Once children attain mastery in subtracting single digit numbers, you can move on to double digit numbers. This enables children to subtract bigger numbers easily. For example, 55 – 25 = 30, 80 – 60 = 20, 45 – 20 = 25, etc.
  • Practice 3-digit numbers: Subtraction of three to four digit numbers is possible with regrouping, if the minuend is smaller than subtrahend. As per the place value chart, you need to subtract ones followed by tens and hundreds in an equation. If the minuend of ones is smaller than subtrahend, you can borrow 1 from the tens. Once you borrow a number from minuend, the number reduces. If the number is smaller than the subtrahend, then you can borrow a number from hundreds and find the difference.
  • Solve subtraction related problems: To enhance your child’s mathematical knowledge on subtraction, you can ask them to solve mathematical problems using a real life situation on the worksheet. This enables them to critically think about the question being asked and come up with correct answers. Most importantly, it strengthens their mental math skills. For example, Sully kept 25 apples in a carton box last night. He took 15 apples from the same carton box and gave it to his little sister. How many apples are remaining in the carton box? The answer is 25 – 15 = 10. Therefore, there are 10 apples remaining in the carton box.

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Benefits of Learning Subtraction Using Worksheets

Learning subtraction is one of the important arithmetic operations for children. They should learn how to find the difference between the numbers in an accurate way. Once they get acquainted with the concept, it becomes easier for them to make fast and accurate calculations. Practicing subtraction with regrouping worksheets enable 2nd graders to enhance their mathematical skills and solve subtraction related problems quickly. Some of the benefits of learning subtraction using worksheets are mentioned below:

  • Enables children to find the difference between the numbers.
  • Develops mathematical skills in children.
  • Enables children to learn and solve subtraction related problems with regrouping.
  • Engages children in learning subtraction using worksheets for a longer period of time.
  • Boosts the confidence of children to solve complex mathematical problems with speed and accuracy.
  • Motivates children to learn and solve subtraction problems on their own.
  • Enhances the learning experience of the children.
  • Increases academic performance of children.
  • Enables children to understand the concept of subtraction in a systematic way.