How to stop chainsaw moving in idle

We all know that chainsaws are very much powerful machinery. Chainsaws are used in various types of places. It is mostly used in the areas of cutting trees. The chainsaw is made so much advanced that it has the power to completely cut down the tree into pieces. The chainsaw races are very much sharp, and they play a very important role in cutting down the trees. If you come very close to the chainsaw while it is operating, it can cause you to come off with very serious injuries, which are very much difficult to fix. The best thing one can do is stay as far as possible from the chainsaw if they don’t know how to control it.

Sometimes the chainsaw gets damage, and some of the controls of the chainsaw get corrupted, and it starts to move even it is in an idle position. There are many ways to fix this problem of chainsaws for preventing any further injuries. 

Bad or old fuel-

If you haven’t used your chainsaw for a long period, you must have noticed that the fuel gets stored in the fuel tank, and it causes problems. After you use the chainsaw in this position, you may notice that the chainsaw races at idle. The best way to get rid of it is by removing the old oil from the fuel tank before using it because the old oil may have done corrosion in the oil seal from which the oil gets leaked to the motor, and hence it operates even it is on the idle position. The best way to prevent this is never to store fuel in the fuel tank after using it. 

Air filter damage- 

If the air filter of your chainsaw is congested or, you can say, jammed, then the chainsaw races at idle. It allows the lubricants to get mixed with the dirt particles present in the air filter, and it can flow freely from the system. The best thing about getting the air filter chocked is that you can easily clean it. You can take the help of the air compressor to blow the dust particles from the air filter. By blowing the dust particles from the air filter, the chainsaw can get back to its normal function, and you can use it for a long period. Once the air filter is cleaned, the chainsaw will not move at idle. 

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Sparkplugs are used to ignite the chainsaw, but if you haven’t checked the sparkplug, then it will be fatal. After the time passed, the sparkplug collects the carbon when it is not cleaned for a long period. As the sparkplug gets carbon, it can give random ignition to the chainsaw when not in use also. The best way to prevent chainsaw races at idle is by cleaning the sparkplug with the help of sandpaper. If you don’t want to clean it, you can simply replace the old one with a new one as it comes very cheap. 


There are many factors involved from which the chainsaw may race at idle. The best way to prevent this is by checking the actual problem and try to solve it as quickly as possible. The steps mentioned above you can follow for preventing deadly fatal.