How to Sleep Peacefully Next to a Snoring Partner

It Can be Done!
Not everyone can sleep with silent inhalation and exhalation. Some people exhale like semi-trucks down-shifting on the interstate. Some snore sporadically, some based on how deeply they’re sleeping. In point of fact, we all probably snore at some point in our lives; the more clogged up your nasal passages, the worse the issue tends to be.

What you’ll want to do, if you’re not the snoring problem, is figure out why the person you’re sleeping beside makes those noises at night. The issue could be sleep apnea. It could be clogged airways that have gotten that way through some other medical issue. Stress and dreams can play a part in snoring, as can general illness.

If you’re dealing with a spouse, partner, or bunk-mate who snores like Bigfoot juggling chainsaws, you’ve got two options. One, you can find a way to fix the issue. Two, you can sleep somewhere else.

That latter option isn’t good for relationships. If you’re dealing with someone in a dorm, that’s a different story; but a spouse or paramour requires a fix. Following we’ll briefly explore several ways you can reduce snoring issues in healthy ways everyone will be happy with.

1. Have Doctors Examine Your Partner To See What The Issue Is
If the person you sleep next to is dealing with something like sleep apnea, there won’t be any easy solution that doesn’t involve treating that specific issue. Now a CPAP machine can help, but what’s a lot smarter is taking a closer reign on personal health. Oftentimes issues like sleep apnea develop from weight problems: your partner may need to start a health regimen.

If you can’t get them to do that, there’s always the CPAP; but that machine may itself be louder than their snores. Sure, it’ll help your partner get the rest they need, but now you’ve got an even more trying issue. Still, it’s got a “white noise” element to it, which can be less jarring than irregular breathing through the lens of sleep apnea.

2. Determine If Atmospheric Conditions Are The Cause
Sometimes a person who snores has issues with the environment itself. Maybe things are too dry, maybe they’re too wet. Humidifiers fix the dryness, an air-tight sleeping area with a fan can make things less moist. Perhaps there’s an allergen in the room that causes your partner to get stuffed up and snore. In that case, identify and eliminate the allergen.

3. Get A Better Mattress Designed For Customers
This is a very simple, straightforward option: change your mattress. Maybe you are awake because the mattress is just not comfortable enough for you to drift off before your partner is sawing logs like a lumberjack. If that’s your issue, find a good mattress for couples and switch it with whatever isn’t working now.

4. Knock Yourself Out With Exercise and Food
Maybe the issue is too big for you to solve on your own. If that’s the case, then focus on fixing whatever aspects about your personality keep you awake while your partner snores. This could mean you need to exercise more, it could mean you need to eat something rich in calories that makes you drowsy. If you’re sleeping deep, snores won’t matter.

5. Headphones and White Noise
There are noise-canceling earphones that can help you ignore the snores. Something else that might help is a little white noise like surf or a babbling brook. When such noises are in the background, you’ll have an easier time drifting off.

Getting the Rest You Need
There are a lot of different options to explore here. Headphones and white noise can help you physically block out the sound of a snoring partner. If that doesn’t work, maybe you’ll get some sleep should you just exercise regularly and eat right. Barring that, a new mattress designed for couples could be just the solution.

Finally, if changing your sleeping environment will help your partner sleep without snoring, that’s a good idea. Alternatively, working with medical professionals to help treat sleep disorders like sleep apnea could be your best bet. At minimum, hopefully the suggestions here help you figure out what will work best for you and your partner so everyone can rest.