How to Choose the Best Online Audio Transcription Service

Transcription is the process of converting an audio file into a written text or document. This is usually done using an application, software, or by an individual. There are many online audio transcription services that businesses and individuals can choose from. Below are some things you must consider when choosing the best online audio transcription service;

Level of accuracy guaranteed

One of the most important things you must consider when choosing the best online audio transcription software or service is the level of accuracy provided. A lot of speech-to-text applications do not provide great accuracy. The accuracy level is usually distorted by background noise, the number of speakers, accents in the audio, and the transcription app or software quality. A lot of people often prefer transcription services that use people instead of applications or software. These services often offer better accuracy. However, if you are keen, you can always find an online service with a great level of accuracy.

Check the rates and look out for any hidden fees

Another important thing to consider is the cost of transcription. More often than not, online transcription facilities charge per minute. For instance, a service may charge 0.9 dollars per minute. This means that the total amount you pay will depend on the length of your audio. It is often wise to compare different rates from various services to get the best one. In addition to checking the rates, it would also help to check for any hidden costs. Some service providers add extra fees that they do not disclose upfront. Ensure to ask questions and enquire about any extra costs or hidden fees before you agree to use a service. It would be wise to work with a service provider with transparent pricing policies.

Ensure the security of your files

Another important thing to consider when choosing the best audio transcription software, service, or platform is the level of security. Note that you will be sharing your data or files with the service. Most of these transcription services receive millions of minutes of audio and video files for transcription. It would be wise to ensure that your files do not fall into the wrong hands. This is especially the case if you are dealing with sensitive files like business files or private conversations. It would help to choose a service provider that takes maximum precautions to ensure the safety or security of your documents.

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Check the turnaround speed

Other than the factors or elements listed above, the turnaround rate is also something worth considering. The turnaround rate is the speed at which you will receive your transcript. The rate usually varies depending on multiple factors like the length of the audio and the service provider. Therefore, the turnaround rate may vary from a couple of hours to several weeks. A lot of transcription service providers charge extra fees if you wish to get a faster turnaround rate. However, if you are keen when looking for the best transcription service provider, you will find one that does not charge extra to rush the delivery. While looking for a service provider with the fastest turnaround, it would be wise to ensure that the quality of the transcription is not affected in the process. Before submitting your audio to a transcription service, one of the first things, you must ask if what the exact turnaround time of your file. This way, you can ensure that the time is within your time limits, and you will get adequate time to review the document and ask for the necessary revisions.

Ideal and friendly customer service

Additionally, it would help if you also looked for an online audio transcription facility that offers friendly customer service. When working with an online service provider, customer service is paramount. You would benefit from a service provider that can respond to questions and requests quickly and efficiently. An open line of communication is important when working with an online transcription service. It allows you to build a relationship with the service provider and ensures that you receive the best services. This is especially important if you plan to develop a partnership with the service provider for a long time.


The internet is packed with a wide range of transcription service providers. The tips mentioned above will help you choose the best online transcription services. You may also want to consider the reputation of the transcription service providers by reading their reviews.