How to Choose a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket usually weighs between 10lbs and 30lbs and leverages deep touch pressure to make you feel calm. Also known as anxiety blankets, weighted blankets have various health benefits like increasing serotonin levels and helping you fall to sleep quickly. In fact, medical studies confirm the effectiveness of weighted bamboo blankets in reducing anxiety.

Before you get a weighted blanket, it’s essential to understand what to look for. This guide will help you learn how to choose a weighted blanket.

1. Consider the Weight

The principle behind weighted blankets is that they exert some weight on your body to soothe the nervous system. And like a hug, studies show that a weighted bamboo blanket can help you relax and experience better sleep. As a rule of thumb, you should select a blanket that is at least 10% of your body weight. For children and senior adults, you can add 1-2lbs.

However, you may feel more comfortable in a lighter or heavier blanket. The most important thing is to ensure it’s not too light such that it becomes ineffective. Similarly, if it’s too heavy, you might feel constricted.

Most importantly, if the blanket is for someone with mobility issues, it’s best to ensure they can easily kick it away if it gets too hot.

2. The Size of Your Weighted Blanket

Ideally, the best-weighted blankets should cover your entire body or be the same size as your bed. Size is a key consideration for anyone learning how to choose a weighted blanket. And while most blankets available on the market are designed for one person, some brands are making bigger sizes meant for couples. But if you are taller, it would be best to carefully check the blanket’s dimensions to ensure it’s a good fit.

Unlike a comforter, a bamboo blanket shouldn’t hang off the bed since it can easily slide off when you’re asleep. For easier sizing, use the size of your mattress as a guideline and buy a weighted blanket matching that size.

3. Consider the Filler Type Used in the Bamboo Blanket

The filler embedded in the weighted blanket is the main weighting mechanism. Blankets can have various types of filler, including:

·    Steel shot beads

·    Plastic pellets

·    Glass beads

·    Foam beads

Choosing a blanket with quality filler is vital for comfort, health safety, and durability. If the quality is subpar, the beads may end up bunched at one end. In addition, the blanket should have a solid weight distribution design and mechanisms like clasps or gridded stitching.

4. The Cover is Equally Important

Weighted blankets come with a removable cover like the ones found on duvets. The cover serves vital purposes like temperature control, easier washing and gives you the freedom to swap colors.

Mostly, weighted blanket covers are made of soft microfiber, but bamboo blankets come with bamboo covers for better temperature control. Anyone who understands how to choose a weighted blanket for summer will definitely go for something with enhanced temperature regulation features. And for winter, Minky covers are cozy and warmer.


Sleeping under a weighted blanket makes you feel like you’ve been hugged. And they’re definitely helpful for people with anxiety or sleep problems. Knowing how to choose a weighted blanket will help you choose an ideal option based on your needs.