How To Become an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer in 2022

The first line we can say about artificial intelligence is that “It makes our lives easier.” In terms of corporate benefits, it allows organizations to make better decisions, encouraging them to improve core business processes through both the speed and the accuracy of strategic decision-making processes. Artificial intelligence technologies are becoming a crucial part of our professional and individual lives. These technologies are a great asset to humans and help them in reducing human efforts as much as possible.

Machine Learning and Artificial learning are gaining popularity because of recent advancements in the domain as it enables machines and systems responsible for ending daily chores and are believed to be smarter than humans. So AI is reshaping the world to become a better place to live through its advanced technologies such as mobile apps, virtual/augmented reality, blockchain, internet of things are a few examples. We can see and use these technologies in several necessities like automobiles, mobile phones, computers, and other smart devices. In fact, artificial intelligence development is influencing businesses and has even led to breakthroughs in several sectors like retail, medical, manufacturing, hospitality, and finance.. AI technologies are quick, and we can rely on them to achieve our business goals on time. It leads to the increased demand for Artificial Intelligence Engineers who have learned advanced skills through AI Courses

This article is all about becoming an AI engineer most easily. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is known as an important branch of computer science concerned with creating smart machines that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. We can understand AI better with its new and advanced examples like voice assistants (Alexa, Siri), Robo advisors, Self-Driving cars, E-mail spam filters, Netflix’s recommendations, Conversational bots, etc. AI refers to the ability of computers and robots that perform tasks commonly associated with intelligence. 

Generally, artificial intelligence can be used in hi-tech tasks such as developing systems that require intellectual processes; characteristics of humans like discovering meanings, ability to reason, generalize or learn from past experience. So it is the simulation of human intelligence processed by machines, robots, and computer systems. Artificial intelligence includes applications of expert systems, speech recognition, natural language processing, and machine vision. The important aspect of AI programming focuses on acquiring data and building rules for how to turn the data into meaningful and actionable information. Here, these rules are known as AI algorithms that help computing devices complete specific tasks. 

In terms of tasks and processes, we can categorize artificial intelligence into four types: Reactive Machines, Limited Memory, Theory of Mind, and Self-Awareness. 

How to become an Artificial Intelligence ( AI) Engineer in 2022?

With the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in different walks of the IT industry, the demand for a trained, competent artificial intelligence engineer is on an all-time high.

Becoming an Artificial Intelligence Engineer requires some basic and necessary steps like that needed in every domain. When someone considers becoming an expert in this domain, they must be heavily involved in AI research. Also, they should cross a well-planned educational pathway to become an AI engineer. Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree online courses, or any related certification courses can be the best options to land a career in this domain. Let us have a look at some crucial steps to becoming an AI engineer. 

  • Gain Basic Educational background- The first step towards your journey to becoming an AI engineer is to acquire a relevant academic credential. So at first, it requires at least a bachelor’s degree in any of the streams such as data science, computer science, physics, engineering, mathematics, statistics, or any other equivalent quantitative subject. For better results, AI or data science certification can help you gain basic educational requirements and technical knowledge. Sometimes, a Master’s degree can also be required to opt for these courses for future growth.
  • Gain Technical Skills- It is known that artificial intelligence is the work of highly advanced machines that require high technical knowledge for their operations. Therefore becoming an AI engineer requires knowledge of some of the important technical skills such as sound knowledge and a solid grasp of programming languages ( R, Python, Java, C++), applied algorithms, mathematics, statistical techniques, deep learning, linguistic processing, etc. 

Linear Algebra, Probability, statistics, Spark, Big data technologies, Algorithms, Frameworks, etc., are also must learn technologies that can be helpful in achieving milestones in your journey. 

  • Gain Non-Technical skills- Besides technical or hard skills, an AI engineer also must have some non-technical or soft skills to become a successful professional in this domain. As soft skills, they require good communication and problem-solving skills to convey their ideas and products to stakeholders. They should have skills to solve issues/obstacles for the decision-making process and get meaningful business insights. 
  • Earn Specialization and Certifications- To earn any certifications increases your chances to get better career opportunities soon in this evolving artificial intelligence domain. One of the exciting aspects of AI is the broad spectrum of subfields to consider, like robotics, data science, machine learning, and biomedical research. So earning a certification can boost your career marketability and also develop your specialty. You can hone in one or more areas of specialization. 

Bottom line

These are a few crucial steps that every candidate should follow to become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer in the upcoming years. It is witnessed that AI engineers are in high demand for good reasons. This field has growing career opportunities, and the supply of skilled professionals is less. Artificial intelligence involves several tasks that humans commonly do, like speech recognition, business process management, image processing, even medical diagnosis. Therefore great career opportunities are waiting for skilled and certified professionals in this drastic domain. So if you’re already technically inclined and have a background in software programming, you may want to consider a lucrative AI career. You must follow the above-mentioned steps to start your journey to becoming an AI engineer.