How Much Data Do You Require Based On Your Browsing Personality?

Unlike years ago when most people used SMS and calls, internet data has now become an essential thing for any smartphone user in Singapore. Voice and video calls, as well as text messages, are now found on data using apps such as Instagram Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. Today, most of the scrolling, streaming, and communicating via our smartphones involves the use of data. Here is a look at the average amount of data you require depending on your browsing personality.

Mobile Data Basics

Internet data is calibrated in bytes, digital units that transmit information back and from over the internet. It is a measurement unit, just like a millimeter or kilogram. One thousand bytes add up to one kilobyte, one thousand kilobytes make one megabyte, and one thousand megabytes make up a gigabyte.

How Much Data Do You Require Per Month?

It can be challenging to find out how much data you require because it varies wildly from one person to another. Simple internet searches such as Google will hardly consume your bundles while streaming online can consume your data in no time. The average amount of data used by some of the popular apps include;

· Instagram- 0.05 to 0.15 GB hourly

· YouTube and Netflix- 0.3 TO 7 GB hourly ( for HD movies)

· Spotify- 0.05 to 0.15 GB hourly

The Common Types of Data Users

To figure out the average amount of data you need, here are the common types of data users to identify your personality.

· The Sparing One

Individuals in this group do not use their data too much. You conduct a few Google searches, check your social media from time to time, and look at the top news once per day or two. You also download occasional videos sent to you by a friend and family members, but you don’t stream online or play games. These types of people use the internet for about an hour every day.

· The Balanced

If you belong to this group, you probably use the internet moderately. You mostly use the internet to have a decent scroll on your social media accounts, check your emails, stream music for about an hour, and even watch some videos. You sometimes get a new app or game, but you don’t download massive apps or videos. If this sounds like you, data only plan Singapore from Circles.Life will be a great option for you.

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· The Data-Hungry

Data-hungry personalities are people who keep their data connection active most of the time. You spend several hours browsing online through videos and photos as well as watching some of your favorite programs. You also use your mobile data plan to communicate with your friends and stay well updated.

· The Unstoppable

This one refers to individuals who spend all their time on Netflix, Youtube, social media, and Spotify. You go through every type of content that comes your way, sleep while browsing, and wake up on the internet again. If you are one of this type, it is recommendable to get unlimited data plans.


We hope you have found out the type of data use personality you are. Depending on how often you use your mobile data, you can now make an ideal switch to the data plan that perfectly suits your browsing needs.