Homemade or from the Jar: Which Baby Food Is Best?

As we know, nutrition is one of the main vital conditions for human existence, regardless of age. And it has a direct relation to human health, mood, performance, and longevity. Consequently, food is a source of energy for human beings, and its quantity, quality, assortment of consumed food, timeliness, and regularity of eating are important for vital activity of the human body.

The human body, no matter whether it is working, resting, or sleeping, needs to replenish the energy expended, especially if it is a restless child. And if you don’t eat in time, you may have a metabolic disorder or even exhaustion. So, form a proper diet for your child with basic meals and snacks.

Let’s look at the benefits of home-cooked meals

It is at home that children’s ideas about healthy eating and cooking are formed. Children learn eating behaviors by watching adults. Parents should set an example for children – it’s hard to get a child to eat broccoli when you’re having french fries for dinner yourself. Children should be explained what their diet consists of, how to read labels on purchased items, and how to quickly prepare healthy meals. And cooking together is a good way to entertain children and spend time together.

At home, we can control portion sizes, reducing the likelihood of overeating or under consumption. At home, you control the variety of foods and the way they are prepared. The best way to prepare food is by steaming, microwaving, or stewing. A significant advantage of eating at home is the savings and love put into the food you cook.

Bought baby food from a can

Today, jar baby food is strictly controlled by law and contains no preservatives, flavors, dyes, chemical additives and can take its rightful place in the children’s diet. Purchased food is processed at high temperatures (pasteurization), which makes it safe. Such food is especially relevant in winter, since it is difficult to find fresh vegetables without GMOs during this period for self-cooking.

Meat, which is part of the canned food, is very strictly controlled, and you can be sure of its quality, unlike bought at the market.

Store baby food is very convenient to use and easy to take with you on a walk or a trip.

Also, food from a can is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements for the normal development of the child’s body. Each package of the product shows the age of the child for whom the food is recommended. Sufficiently responsible manufacturers add to their products: baby snacks, baby food pouches only organic and quality ingredients, all information about which you can find on the label.

No matter what kind of food you choose for your baby, homemade or from a can, there are a few important conditions to follow.

Healthy eating rules:

  • You should grind food thoroughly in the mouth (or with a blender if the baby is not yet able to chew by itself) and do not wash food down with liquids;
  • Between meals, it is advisable to give your child nothing to eat except fruit or drinks;
  • Fruit can be eaten at any time, but not later than one hour before the next meal;
  • In the diet of the baby should be present all the necessary substances for the body because a person vitally needs all the components of nutrition: complete proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.
  • The food schedule of the baby should be regular.
  • Daily walks in the fresh air, stimulating the appetite, are mandatory;

If you follow these recommendations, then everything will be fine with your baby’s nutrition. And no matter what snacks and snacks you decide for your fidget, homemade or cans, the main thing is to provide a complete and balanced diet to meet all the physiological needs of the body.