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Academic writing is based on who said what and when. Since students are still in the formative years of learning the art and craft of writing, they do not have first-hand sources to build an essay or paper on. They all have to provide references for facts and figures as well as other sort of pertinent information. This is where things get complicated because there are multiple referencing and citation styles. APA holds a special place because of its unique and rather tough features. Since you are a young scholar, you need a free APA citation generator for your work!

APA Citation Style

Several citation styles are being used across the nation in schools and colleges. The most common ones include APA, Chicago, MLA, etc. While the other two have evolved into more flexible ones, they still stay true to their roots. The abbreviation stands for American Psychological Association as it was the principal body that formulated and promulgated the rules. Because of its relevance and compatibility, this referencing style is widely used in technical and scientific papers. From that, it is easy to see why students in schools and colleges have a hard time getting it right in their essays and papers. Combined with, an AI essay writing tool, you can get references and citations without any hassle.

Difficulties with the APA Referencing Style

There is a reason why you would be tempted to get automated solutions for referencing. This format is notoriously difficult with many tricky elements to it, compared to other referencing styles. Here are some of the major points that make school and college students feel at a disadvantage and need a way out.

Designed for Technical Papers

As covered in the previous sections, APA is designed for science and technical subjects. This includes Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and so on. Although many universities use Chicago and MLA styles in their papers in the same fields, many prefer APA because of the tradition and its rigid structure.

Many Specific Rules

MLA or Turabian style is famous for being flexible. With time, especially after the phenomenon of the internet, blogs, and micro-writing, they have undergone drastic changes to accommodate sources and references. That is not true for APA.

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Say Goodbye to Hassle with Automatic APA Citation Generator!

We get it, it is hard to work in APA format. But we have an easy solution – a free APA citation generator Instead of finding references manually and then adding them to the text, you can get AI to do the heavy lifting on your behalf. It is free and takes no more than a couple of seconds. If you are still stuck on the paper or that essay you need to submit before midnight, it is time to unleash productivity using automated tools!