Five main reasons why a bamboo electric standing desk should be your paramount investment in 2022

After a stagnant growth in the corporate world in the last two years due to the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, 2022 is a year that is worth watching out for a better tomorrow. Several factors will determine the economic resurgence by various corporations, one of them being the gradual shift towards the work-from-home (WFH) culture. To make their WFH experience smooth and stress-free, working professionals are doing their best to refine their office ergonomics using flexible working hours and good quality furniture. One great addition in this aspect is a bamboo electric standing desk.

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What is a bamboo electric standing desk?

One of the latest innovations in office ergonomics, a bamboo electric standing desk looks very similar to a conventional standing desk used in the modern corporate world. With its bamboo make up, this desk is a more refined, lighter, weather-friendly, and eco-friendly form of a standing desk. This desk comes equipped with an electric memory unit, using which one can adjust the height of the desk in predefined settings stored in its memory.

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Reasons to choose bamboo electric standing desk in 2022

Better health of your spine

WFH came into our lives as a forced move in 2020 and 2021, and with it also came unpredictable anxieties and uncertainties. These issues have led to spinal issues in many people. They usually are the ones who have been working at their homes with improper sitting postures. To avoid such problems, you need to have an upright stance while working, and a bamboo electric standing desk will help you to do that.

Electrical adjustment for height

The electric programming and memory unit in a bamboo electric standing desk helps you adjust the desk to a predefined height stored in its memory. It also helps in adjusting the desk height in the most convenient way possible. In addition, these desks consume very little power, thus saving you a significant amount on the electricity bills.

Durability and easy portability

Given that it is manufactured using lightweight bamboo material, a bamboo electric standing desk is easy to carry from one place to another. In the current scenario, we need furniture which is easily portable from one place to another to reduce the hassles as much as possible. In addition, bamboo is preferred as a durable material for furniture. It, by default, makes a bamboo electric standing desk durable as well.


Bamboo is one of those eco-friendly materials used in the construction of furniture. Due to this, a bamboo electric standing desk resorts to high sustainability and eco-friendliness and can be used for a much longer time as well. Also, the use of bamboo in making bamboo electric standing desks increases the employment opportunities of bamboo cultivators and furniture makers.

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Increase in productivity and return of investment (ROI)

The ergonomic advantages which a bamboo electric standing desk brings along with it reduce the number of health-related risks and enhance your body posture. It eventually reduces the medical expenses for keeping such ailments away from you. In addition, given the high sustainability of bamboo as a material, the bamboo electric standing desks live longer, thus reducing the maintenance and replacement costs and eventually increasing the ROI.

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In the last two years, the productivity and efficiency of working professionals and the profitability of the companies did take a hit. It is the reason why the year 2022 is seen as a balancer to optimise all the opportunities in hand. To get back the lost ground with the new WFH culture, a bamboo electric standing desk is one of the best furniture items to invest in to increase the productivity and profitability affected in the last two years.