Fabric Wall Art – How To Make It – Easy DIY!

Fabric wall hangings not only give texture to your walls but also make hanging them a breeze. The days of hanging up a poster or organizing a gallery wall as your sole alternatives for filling an empty wall with something interesting are long gone. Textile hangings can be used in practically any place, such as behind the sofa or over the bed, and are often less expensive than framed art.

One of the most appealing aspects of good artwork is how quickly it can change the look and feel of a space. Unfortunately, large-scale wall art is frequently prohibitively expensive, putting it out of reach for many people! However, this does not imply that we must go without. You can make your own statement piece of art in an afternoon with just a piece of high-quality fabric and some wood. What’s more, the best thing is that it’s completely free. There isn’t a hefty price tag associated to it!

This is the project for you if you’re looking for inexpensive and simple DIY home decor. It merely takes a few minutes of your time, and if you become bored, simply replace the old high-quality fabric with new. It’s that simple, and it’s also cost-effective. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started on this very simple DIY craft project!

Materials Needed:

  • Any kind of high-quality fabric
  • A black stamp ink pad that’s suitable for high-quality fabric
  • Cutting tools
  • Any art template
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • 4 x long pieces of wood 
  • Wood glue
  • Power drill and/or screwdriver
  • Long timber screws
  • Staple gun
  • Cord

Step 1: 

Cut your fabric to the size you want your finished fabric wall art to be, plus 2-3 inches (5-7cm) on each side. Later, you’ll staple the fabric to your wooden base with the residual fabric.

Step 2: 

Any art template that you like can be downloaded and printed. Using a pair of scissors, cut out the borders.

Step 3:

Cut a piece of that is slightly larger than the size of the art you want to use. Trace around the artwork by placing it on top of the stamp pad. Draw the lines down the middle after you’ve traced around the art.

Step 4:

Stretched cloth wall art is a cost-effective technique to create stunning art. Cut around the corners with your tools. We’ll leave that piece uncut and delete everything surrounding it since we want the inked and stamped component of the object to be the shape. If you’ve never cut stamp pad before, make sure you practice on a spare piece of stamp pad first.

Draw a shape, then set the cutter right next to the outline of your shape and push forward with medium pressure, carving out the stamp pad as you go. You can start cutting out your leaf once you’ve gotten the hang of utilizing the tools. After you’ve removed the stamp pad from around the art object, carve out the stems with your narrowest stamp pad carving tool.

Step 5:

Holding your ink pad upside down, lightly tap ink all over the surface of the art with your final stamp.

Step 6:

Stamp the design onto your cloth piece. Continue inking and stamping until your cloth is completely covered in the art prints of your choice. As you proceed, rotate the stamp to have the art face in different directions. After that, let your print dry.

Step 7:

The length of your wood pieces will be determined by the size of your finished high-quality fabric wall art. Because the  wood was 1.6 inches broad, I chopped it into four pieces as follows:

2 x 35 inch long pieces

2 x 31.8 inch long pieces

Step 8:

Using wood glue, glue your wood pieces together to form a square (or rectangle, if you want). After the glue has cured, use long timber screws to join the wood pieces at the corners. This will help to keep your frame in good shape. I used a power drill to pre-drill a small hole and then inserted the screws with a screwdriver, but you could just use a power drill to pre-drill and enter the screws if that’s easier.

Step 9:

Place the wood frame on top of your imprinted high-quality fabric, which should be facing down. Pull one edge of the cloth over the side of the wood frame and attach it to the rear of the wood with a staple gun. Repeat the process on the other side of the frame to draw the high-quality fabric taut across the wood. Then finish the remaining two sides.

Step 10:

Finally, cut a piece of cord to fit the rear of your frame and staple it in place. Mine was about a third of the way up from the top of the frame. This cord can then be used to hang your cloth wall art.

Wasn’t that the quickest piece of wall art home decor you’ve ever created? The best aspect is that you can easily personalize it to suit your preferences and keep up with current trends without breaking the bank. Make a bunch and use them to decorate your entire house! This high-quality fabric wall art may be made out of virtually anything. Purchase high-quality fabrics at Yorkshire Fabric Shop for your fabric needs!

You may get creative with a blank canvas or even Styrofoam if you don’t have or don’t want to use wood. You can vary not just the items you want to cover, but you can also use other types of high-quality fabric. You may use a pillowcase cover to complement your bedroom decor, kitchen napkins, or numerous colorful bandanas in your child’s room. The options are limitless. It’s such a fun DIY project that I’m sure you’ll do it again and again!