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What is a “Rare” item in FIFA Ultimate Team?

In this article, we’re going to talk about the “Rare” as opposed to the “Common” designations for certain kinds of items (Player Items, Stadium Items and Consumable Items) in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). In FUT, there are “Special” kinds of things; however, for the purpose of this article, we’re only focusing on the Rare and Common distinctions. Check out our article guide for an example of the various kinds of special player items that you can discover in the game.

What is it that makes an item rare or common?

Player Items

It’s crucial to note that the Rare vs Common distinction is different from the overall rating of a player (OVR). The difference between a player’s item being Bronze, Silver, or Gold is determined by the OVR category. The item is placed in the band of players rated 64 and under classified as Bronze 65-74 as Silver, and those who are 75 or more as Gold. However, Rare Items generally tend to have more excellent stats than their regular counterparts. This means that you can get a Gold item that is Common or a Bronze object that’s rare.

Whether a Bronze or Silver Gold Player item is considered Rare or Common is contingent upon whether the player was chosen by EA as having or showing the characteristics that are rarely unique, exceptional, or uncommon in the game of soccer. The rare player items are picked from EA SPORTS’ EA SPORTS FIFA development team and are awarded to players that stand out in their field or league due to their talents or attributes or are internationally acknowledged as outstanding.

For example, a footballer with a height of more than 2 meters could be classified as Rare because it is extraordinary to be so tall when compared to the other players who play custom football cards. On the other hand, an individual player could be classified as Rare due to their impressive international reputation.

While not all players with above-average characteristics will be assigned Rare Items. There is plenty of discretion. The general consensus is that fewer Player Items are listed as Rare than Common items.

Consumable Items and Stadium Items

When it comes to Stadia Items, the Rare distinction between Rare and Common distinction is determined by the aesthetic or visual appeal that the item offers in-game (or for genuine Stadium Items, the distinction is linked to the performance of the real-world Football Card team they’re a part of).

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In the case of Consumable Items, the designation is dependent on the extent to which the item affects an element of the game. For instance, a Common Healing Item can help a player heal for two games, while a Rare article could help a player heal for 5 rounds. It’s the same regarding contracts that include Common Contract Items, including fewer contracts than the rare Contract Item. For instance, a Player Bronze Contract Item could consist of eight contracts (when applied to the Bronze player), 2, 2 contracts (when laid to a Silver player) or 1 contract (when used to the Gold player). However, the rare Bronze Contract Item will include fifteen contracts (when applied to a Bronze player) or 6,6 contracts (when used to the Silver player) and 3 contracts (when laid to the Gold Player). 

There are various types of quality Stadium Items, including Epic Noble, Limited-Edition Noble and Limited-Edition Epic However, this article only discusses the Rare distinction between them. Common distinction.