Everything to know about roofing tiles

Across the globe, one of the most popular styles of roofing your home is roofing your home. Asides from being popular and affordable, roofing tiles add a lot of beauty to your home. There are many types of roof tiles, with each having respective features and advantages. However, to install any roofing tile, you will mostly follow the same process of installation. You can take the first step at knowing everything about roofing tiles by reading this guide. 

Types of roof tiles

Like I mentioned, there are many types of roof tiles across the world. Some of the classes include;

  • Clay roof tiles

Clay roof tiles have existed for hundreds of years as one of the world’s pioneer roof tiles. As a result, they’re one of the most popular options for roofing tiles. Clay roof tiles don’t only give you a beautiful roof; it’s also a durable roof option. Get here for quality tile roof installation.

  • Concrete roof tiles

While you want a beautiful and colorful roof for your home, you may also love your environment. This environmental factor is what has birthed the popularity of concrete roof tiles. Concrete roof tiles offer you a strong option that’s secure for the environment. So you’re getting a stronger and safer option without affecting the beauty of your roof tiles. 

  • Plastic roof tiles

While plastic may be unsafe for our environment, recycling plastic isn’t a bad option. Plastic roof tiles are made from plastics that have already been recycled. Moreso, plastic roof tiles can be styled in different styles and looks, so you can style them however you desire. 

  • Slate roof tiles

If you are looking for beautiful roof tiles, your best option should be slate roof tiles if you want beauty, strength, and durability. Slate roof tiles are your best option. With slate roofs, you have different options for color, texture, and of course, strength. Likewise, slate roof tiles give you that natural look of beauty.

  • Metal roof tiles

Metal roof tiles, over time, have grown into one of the most popular roofing options. As against what you may think, metal roof tiles offer you a lightweight option for roof tiles. You can have different shapes and colors of metal roof tiles options. You can either pick aluminum, copper or other metallic options. 

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How are roof tiles held in place?

In most cases, a professional will hang roof tiles in a parallel row. Each one of these rows overlaps the other. That way, rain or any other external factors can’t affect the other role it overlaps. Many times than not, you can fix roofing tiles with nails. 

What is the labor cost of fixing roof tiles?

The labor cost of fixing a roof tile can vary depending on your home type. In most cases, the roof tile should cost around $5 to $18 for each square foot. The resulting cost depends on the size of your home, however, if you’re in New South Wales, Vertec provide leading roof repairs Sydney residents trust and can give you a better idea of costs.

Can you fix roof tiles on your own?

If you have no experience in any handy process, you may want to contact a professional to help fix roof tiles. But with proper research and guidance, you can set a roof tile on your own.