Disadvantages of Burglar Alarm

Since the 1980s, when alarm systems first came to light, burglar alarms have helped keep homes secure. Alarm systems need regular service for them to operate well. The last thing you want is to discover that it failed when it was considered necessary because of a lack of attention and care. 

However, despite all its benefits, burglar alarms have some disadvantages. Follow through this article to get the disadvantages of burglar alarms.

1. False Alarm

False alarms are common with burglar alarms. When you have sensitive sensors and old systems, you should get fond of false alarms, which might irritate you over time. In most commercial premises, authorities rush into a building only to find nothing to be alert. 

It is annoying to explain to the police that it was only a technical hitch. Often, animals, wind, and rain might trigger burglar alarms and send out the wrong information. The main concern when it comes to false alarms is that you won’t know when there’s a genuine alarm which is dangerous. 

2. Expensive

Installation of burglar alarm systems is expensive, especially when you don’t have any previously installed systems. The cost of installing alarm systems deters many people from thinking about it. 

Furthermore, many companies offering this service also charge for maintenance and monitoring, a recurring expense. Due to a lack of capital, some companies don’t invest in burglar alarm systems.

3. Electricity Dependent

Burglar alarm systems depend on electricity. Once the power goes off, you’ll need power backup or be vulnerable to attacks. There are some cases when burglars c5.ut off the power supply when they want to break into the premises. 

To keep the system running 24/7, you need a backup power supply which brings us back to the expenses. 

4. Disarmed

As new technologies make their way into the market, so do burglar techniques. In some cases, burglars have made their way to houses by disarming the security systems. Some burglars also steal the systems and resell them at lower prices. 

5. Phone Line Connection

Some security companies connect your system with the company by phone lines. In this case, a burglar only needs to cut the phone line to access the area. Cutting phone lines means terminating all communication and monitoring from the company. 

You should have alternative communication channels with the company to improve your system’s security.

6. System Penetration

Nowadays, companies link wireless security systems to burglar alarms. Some burglars might penetrate your system and access your home’s security features. Some hackers are not necessarily burglars, but access to your systems breaches privacy and is a high-security risk. 

Hacking a burglar alarm system means the hacker has access to all cameras, if any, and security codes. 

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Protect Your Home Now

Burglar alarms are an excellent security investment, but there are a few hitches in their practicality. To minimize faulty burglar alarms, seek trusted companies and service your systems regularly. 

Keep your alarm system clean, and avoid putting sensor nodes where obstructions such as curtains and fans can impact the performance. Also, you don’t expose rooms to extreme heat and moisture.