Beware of these 7 myths while going to buy a refrigerator

We know that a refrigerator is the most essential commodity we can’t ignore. It helps in the reduction of food wastage, storing of raw produce, and more. A fridge is as crucial as a family member. Over the years, refrigerator companies have made several enhancements in technology for the convenience of the users. 

However, there are some myths associated with the features and usability of refrigerators. Now is the right time to debunk all the misconceptions that keep our minds shrouded as far as the features and functions of refrigerators are concerned. If you buy LG fridge single door, kindly go through the below-mentioned list of myths to make the most out of your purchase. 

 Cooling is even throughout the fridge: No, this is not the case. To know how to optimally use your electrical appliance, you must know that usually, the doors don’t cool the way the top shelf of the fridge does. However, nowadays, LG fridge single door comes with door cooling technology which is a big plus for users. The lower shelves won’t cool as much as the top shelf, so you should stock your food accordingly. For instance, you can arrange the cooked food on the upper shelves while storing the raw produce like eggs, bread, milk cartons, etc., on the lower shelves.

Keeping opened canned food in the refrigerator for a longer duration: No, you can’t do this. Open canned foods degrade very fast. You can’t keep them in the fridge for long periods. Yes, one to two days is fine but keeping them for over a month is a strict no. Now, the fact you should know is canned foods are usually stored in metal containers. The moment metal comes in contact with oxygen, rusting happens, which can be detrimental to your health. However, if you have no choice but to use canned food products for a longer duration. It is best to store them in air-tight food-grade plastic or glass containers inside the refrigerator.

Can’t keep hot food in the fridge: Using LG fridge single door? Worry not! Hot food can be kept inside the refrigerator. It is best not to keep cooked food on the kitchen counter for too long because bacterial infestation will quicken and degrade the quality of the food. A refrigerator is meant to keep the food cold or cool down hot food. The standard rule is to store cooked food inside the fridge two hours after the cooking has been done.

Can’t keep vegetables and fruits inside the refrigerator for more than a week: No, it is not correct! LG fridge single door and other refrigerator companies have developed intelligent fridges with intelligent cooling technology that keeps fruits and vegetables crisper for a longer duration. Refrigerators have become more efficient. Your vegetables and fruits will remain fresh for up to 30 days in LG fridge single door. Isn’t it a surprise for you? Now you don’t have to rush to the farmer’s market every now and then. Life is so smooth with a refrigerator so efficient and intuitive.

Refrigerator is a power-hungry monster: No, not always correct. If you keep the settings right, your refrigerator will not consume more electricity than what is required. If you dial down the temperature to max cooling, the refrigerator will aggressively cool down your food. The temperature reaches minus, which is again not good for the food. At five to seven degrees Celcius your food, whether cooked or not, will last pretty long. So keep the temperature somewhere around two to three degrees. Check the consistency of the butter, take it out, and see whether it is spreadable or not. This way, you can optimally use your refrigerator without having to pay hefty bills.

Thawing frozen on the kitchen counter is not a problem: Not true! Your frozen food will be infested with germs the longer it is kept on the countertop. So, it is best to thaw it within the refrigerator (take it out of the freezer and keep it in the fridge for natural thawing), use warm water, or microwave the frozen food. Don’t let it sit for long hours out in the open.

During power cuts, not opening the fridge will keep the food healthy: Well, if the power cut goes on for 24 hrs or so, no your raw food such as meat, dairy, and leftovers will not be safe. However, fruits, veggies, eggs, hard cheese should be fine. LG fridge single door and some other branded refrigerators such as Whirlpool, Godrej, and more come with intelligent gel cooling technology that emanates cool gas and keeps the fridge cool for longer durations even when the power is out. 

 Yes, now the myths have been busted for you so, get yourself a refrigerator from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Use your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card to opt for the No Cost EMI scheme and lay hands on the most desired LG fridge single door you have wanted to buy for so long.