A copywriter is above all a lover of writing, but he must also be a lover of reading. Because at the origin of any meaningful text, the copywriter must perfectly document himself so that his writings are the reflection of an exact reality. Thus, he must consult various and varied sources so as not to be the wrong spokesperson for one version at the expense of another, or even worse, for an erroneous argument. Then, he must tackle the tough task of synthesis to finally move on to writing.

There are several types of copywriters: those who work for a company who are generally employees and those who offer their services freelance for one or more brands and who are paid by the page or the number of words.

Need for training

In addition to his essential qualities, the copywriter must acquire important notions intended to technically enrich his texts so that they find a favorable echo on the Web. Hence the imperative need to follow a training which will allow to hold all the tricks of the trade.

This will teach you the basics of editorial techniques. In the course we will explain the techniques of framing your writing style as well as the requirements of publication on the Web. How to structure information, learn the best way to target an audience by adopting this or that writing style, have in mind the specificities of 2.0 in order to know how to take advantage of it and not risk that its copywriting falls into anonymity.

It will also provide you with valuable knowledge on the best digital content production strategy that should be adopted on the different communication windows, the intricacies of SEO referencing, how to remain Google friendly at all times, that is to say to remain in reactionary watch on the evolutions of the algorithms of the search engines.

In short, copywriting course training properly is essential to learn how to practice the profession of web copywriter successfully.

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How to finance it?

Depending on your professional status, you will need to contact different financial aid organizations. You will first need to know how to sell your project on the basis of tangible elements of projection and display an unfailing determination and motivation.

For the self-employed

If you are self-employed or self-employed, your Personal Training Account will be supplied for the first time in 2021 for your activities in 2019 and 2020 (opening to artisans, traders, micro-entrepreneurs, self-employed, farmers, artist’s authors, liberal professions, non-salaried professions and collaborating spouses). In the meantime, therefore, you have to knock on another door because you have all the same and fortunately the right to train yourself.

That in particular of the Training Insurance Fund (TIF), funded by the annual Personal Training Account contribution, formerly professional tax. Depending on the sector of your activity, the corresponding TIF will cover the costs generated by your request, provided of course that you are up to date in the payment of the Contribution. 

To benefit from it, you must either be a non-salaried business manager registered in the Trade Register and whose NAF code corresponds to a commercial, industrial or service activity, or a non-salaried employee spouse, or finally to exercise a craft activity, a profession liberal, or a medical profession.

In order to withdraw a support file for your training one month before the start and within a maximum period of three months maximum after the end of the period, under penalty of not recovering reimbursement. You must also ensure that you do not exceed a limited annual ceiling for each person, an amount which depends on the NAF codes for each activity and according to the chosen themes deemed priority by the representatives of the profession.

For job seekers

Job seekers also naturally have the right to be trained to try to reorient themselves or to improve their knowledge and skills. They must make a request to one of the following entities: The Regions and the State.

This support covers the educational costs as well as the remuneration of the trainees, according to very precise methods. Funding differs depending on your status and whether or not you are a beneficiary of the return-to-work allowance.

To conclude, it is important to note that a favorable tax system is offered to you by the State. This is a tax credit calculated on the basis of the number of hours of training followed by the manager. All company heads are concerned, whatever the legal form and sector of activity of their company, provided however that it is taxed under the real profit regime.

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