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KissAnime is an anime-themed file sharing website which hosted legal links and embedded video clips, enabling users to freely download or stream movies and Japanese television shows for free. It was formerly a sister site to another popular anime viewing site, KissManga. In short, KissAnime allowed users who signed up to access a library of more than one million video clips. To date, the site continues to expand with new anime releases, fan additions and several other membership options. As of June 2009, there has been no further activity on the site’s homepage or in the chat rooms. However, several people have started to post questions and concerns in the forms posted on the KissAnime home page, and some have even asked to be taken off the server. Also read about Animefix trader.

Kissanime is for free!

Many anime fans were excited when they first found out about kissanime. The site allowed members to download full episodes of their favorite anime series without spending any money, while allowing them to view popular TV shows and movies subbed out for free. This attracted many new subscribers and soon KissAnime had become one of the most popular website hosting services on the internet. Unfortunately, despite its popularity, the amount of legal material was or is still not available for download on the site.

Some anime fans were disappointed because they believed that the sudden popularity of kissanime could mean that the site was guilty of piracy by allowing copies of their favorite series to be circulated online. The original copyright holders had issued statements that indicated that they would pursue legal action against anyone who repeated the show title or cover art on an unauthorized site. However, the latest anime series premiere episode was not available for streaming on the site when it first launched, nor was the full dub for the popular dubbing of the series available. This disappointed many fans and caused them to stop patronizing the site.

Other Problems

Another problem that many encountered when using kissanime to stream their favorite anime shows is that the format used by the software to stream the episodes makes it impossible to find all the episodes in order. Most viewers are used to searching for a specific episode and are not interested in trying to locate and download an entire season using one piece of software. In fact, several individuals have expressed concern that the site’s Terms of Service to make it illegal to stream multiple anime shows at the same time. Fortunately, there are legal alternatives to this problem. Several fans have discovered that it is possible to stream various anime shows without having to use the common flash player.

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Instead, they use a special type of software that allows them to watch anime videos in the normal format of the original series was released in. While it does not have all the special features and options available on kissanime, it is more stable and reliable. Additionally, many of these individuals to host their collections on dedicated servers. This allows them to have control over what content is made available to their visitors. As a result, there is no need to worry about their favorite shows being abruptly removed from the web due to copyright issues.

Many of the individuals who have used the service to watch anime shows found the new format to be much more enjoyable than the traditional methods they had previously used. In addition, there were no technical problems that arose when streaming their shows. There were no problems uploading or viewing the content, and they did not have to wait for a long period of time before the episodes loaded. One of the main concerns that many people had with traditional manga streaming sites was the slow speed of delivery. Fortunately, kissanime offers very good customer service, a large selection of manga books, and instant confirmation that their servers are running at full capacity.

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