7 Tips and Tricks to Style your Bookshelf like a Pro

Do you have a bookshelf that’s screaming for attention? Then some styling tricks will make it easier than ever before. The aim is to create an organized and stylish space that reflects who you are as a homeowner. And messed-up book racks can take all the charm away from your home interior. If you want to get it right, stick to this post. 

First of all, find what works for your bookshelf. But, try not to over decorate the shelves. Yes, bookshelves are meant for book stacks. However, some art pieces and modern accents reflect your taste and style. Moreover, it takes a few creative skills to organize and style your bookshelf at the same time. 

So, begin with these 07 easy tips and tricks, see how to style your book rack like a pro:

  1. Start with a blank canvas
  2. Adjust large items first
  3. Add art pieces
  4. Decide on all books or a few
  5. Infuse metallic objects
  6. Add one piece to a book stack
  7. Add some green elements

Start with a blank canvas:

The first-ever step to style your nooks and corners is to treat them like a blank canvas. First, empty the shelves to estimate the space you have. Then start picturing the items and art pieces on the shelves. Also, directly putting things on shelves is not a good idea. Well, you might want to display everything you have on the book rack. But remind yourself that less is more. 

Furthermore, you can curate your bookshelf with a few books, vases, decorative items, and natural stones. But, organize the shelves by leaving some space between luxury living room furniture Dublin, and keeping a few paintings to hang on the wall. 

Adjust large items first:

Large items appear to be heavy and occupy more space. On the contrary, small decorations can take more space than large ones. That is why always start with large items first. So, start by placing vases, paintings, woven baskets, and large items on the shelves. After that, move on to the smaller objects. You will observe that small pieces will adjust in no time.  

Add art pieces:

Bookshelves are a great way to add character and depth to your home. They also provide you with the perfect opportunity to show off some of your favorite things, including books, photos, and artwork. But what if you lack wall space for all that? You can always add some art pieces to your bookshelf like a pro!   

So, mount them directly to the shelf, place them in-between two levels, or create an entire gallery wall by placing small frames side-by-side. A painting will adjust well in the center of the middle shelf. 

Decide on all books or a few:

All books or few books is a big question. Indeed, a book rack must have more books than your study table. But, if you are not a big fan of reading, a few titles will suffice the styling here. In that case, stack up to three to four books in one row. Also, sort the books in terms of color, not in titles. Another best way is to dedicate one or two shelves to books. And style the rest of the space with decorative accents. 

Infuse metallic objects:

Just a few metallic objects can take your styling to another level of perfection. Any brass, iron, silver, or nickel boxes can elevate the style of your living room. These little accents are not only stylish but practical as well. Likewise, you can put your keys or rings in these tiny metal boxes. 

Add one item to a book stack:

If you are going with stacks of books, add one decorative item on the top of it. For example, you can place a stylish paperweight stone, the infinity sign, and a gold box on the book top. But, beware of the salted candles as they might start melting and affect the books. In the same way, use these objects with your luxury living room furniture.

Add some green elements:

Indoor plants add a pop-up of green color to your bookshelves. You can use a brass pot or vase to grow a few indoor plants. In addition, put one plant on each side of the shelf. It will not only enhance your décor but also improve the air quality inside the room. You can do the same in a bedroom book rack. But, try to place the bookshelf near the window. That way, plants will get the needed air. 


Take a step back and edit:

Well, to create a book rack like a pro, do this final step. Stand back and look at the shelf from a distance. You will observe what more you need to add or extract from there. If it appears too busy, edit a few items. If it looks bland, add a few things. 


The art of styling a bookshelf is all about what you like and want to create. There are no such rules set for how it should look. You can style your bookshelf with large items, art pieces, a few or more books, metallic accents, and some greenery. Moreover, add art pieces and one piece on a book stack. Treat your book rack like a canvas and style it up.