7 Signs Your Loved One May Be Suffering From Dementia

Watching an aging family member develop cognitive issues is one of the toughest facts of life. As we age, our parents and grandparents move closer to their golden and twilight years.

Unfortunately, sometimes the mental faculties begin to slip before the physical ones do (or even at the same time).

When this happens, the first thing that people tend to do is perform an online search for something like “memory care near me“. But before we can come to that point, it helps to have a better idea of what your loved one is dealing with. Here is a look at 7 specific warnings signs that your elderly relative may be dealing with dementia:

Sign #1: Difficulty Performing Common Tasks

It may not be out of the ordinary for even younger people to forget to make a meal and remember it later. But when it comes to your aging relative forgetting how to actually do a familiar task such as cooking or playing a game, this can be something much more serious.

Sign #2: Memory Loss that Impacts Day-to-Day Activities

Anybody can forget a simple appointment or chore. But when it begins happening frequently, and your loved one seems to have difficulty retaining newly-acquired information, it may be more than a fuzzy memory. Memory care facilities do a great job helping the residents with these things.

Sign #3: Frequently Misplacing Things

It can be common for people of all ages to lose their keys or forget where they put the remote. However, with dementia, things will be misplaced in locations that make no sense, such as a cell phone in a candy bowl or a toothbrush in the freezer.

Sign #4: Noticeable Changes in Personality

It is very common for people suffering from dementia to exhibit behavior and personality traits that seem out of character. For instance, a meek-tempered person may become prone to angry fits and outbursts.

Sign #5: Disorientation to Surroundings and/or Time

While many of us forget what day of the week it is from time to time, dementia-induced disorientation can cause the inability to recognize even familiar surroundings. Those suffering from it can become lost on their own street and not remember how to get home.

Sign #6: Problems with Language Processing

If you notice your loved one struggling to find the right words or understand simple statements from others, this is another prominent sign of more concerning cognitive issues.

Sign #7: A Loss of Initiative

Anyone can have a low-energy, uninterested kind of day. But if you notice an ongoing lack of initiative for even necessary tasks, this is something to look into further.

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Things to Consider When Searching for “Memory Care Near Me”

There are a lot of facilities that claim to offer premium care for seniors suffering from late-life memory and cognitive issues. Be prepared to dig in and do your research. Look up reviews and independent ratings, as well as talk to people who are familiar with the facilities, like the families of other residents. Finally, schedule a tour, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.