7 Proven Benefits And Uses Of Manuka Honey

Manuka honey Is commonly used as an ointment for different wants of various types.  Manuka Honey is very famous for being a germ fighter in the age of resistance to conventional antibiotics.  You need to know that studies also claimed that Manuka honey can treat various issues from acne to sinuses. Talking about superfoods this honey is specialized and associated with many health benefits such as it is antibacterial and bacterial resistance. Some other important benefits of of Manuka Honey at the following

1.   Helps In Wound Healing

This type of honey is very famous for its wound healing properties and it is said that when Manuka Honey is applied directly to a wound it may improve the process of healing and will also help to reduce the pain for sensation.  it is so useful that the United States Food and drug administration has approved it as an option for the treatment of bonds in 2015 also.  it supports this function because it is antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory,  and this is the reason that it supports tissue regeneration

2.   Antiviral Properties

A study in 2014 found that this Honey was very efficient in inhibiting the influenza virus and there was another study that found that Manuka honey had an important activity against shingles.  however there are are more researches and progress to support this function of the honey

3.   Treats Sore Throat

As we all know honey and lemon are very old remedies for treating colds and flu.  A study then in 2010 says that Honey was very effective and soothing a cough than over-the-counter supplements given to the children.  new research from the National Institute of Health and Care excellence also says that acne can be a first-line treatment for reducing the symptoms of cough.

4.   Gut Health

Gut health is very important for any individual and you need to know that this type of honey acts as a prebiotic.  so this means that it is a source of nondigestible carbohydrates which are known as oligosaccharides.  we are unable to digest these carbohydrates but the bacteria in the gut can do that easily. Research has shown that this honey helps to protect against situations such as gastric ulcers

5.   Healthy Teeth And Gums

This might sound funny to you but this Honey is so sweet that is healthy for your teeth even.  studies say that the antimicrobial properties of this type of honey can only fight against several conditions such as gingivitis. This honey can also help to reduce the amount of plaque buildup on teeth and as a result of this, tooth decay is reduced.  keeping teeth and gums healthy is very important throughout the day and you enjoy your life

6.   Energy Boost

If you are feeling sleepy while working in your office or attending your college then take a little spoonful of this honey. It is very helpful and it will provide you with a head of energy and will allow you to keep yourself alert and ready to tackle all the workload during day time. It contain healthy carbohydrates and natural sugars so it is also used by some athletes during their training sessions

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7.   Immunity

This type of honey helps to improve our immune function and it supports immunity alert.  as we know that this Honey has antibacterial properties so it will kill the  harmful pathogens present in the throat and this is how your healing process will be accelerated