7 Amazing Themes To Decorate Home In 2021

Are you planning to decorate your home in 2021? If yes, then you can decorate the rooms with specific themes. 

Each decor theme offers its own flavor and finish that makes a space look unique and creative. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right home decoration theme to update your interior. 

Here are the seven amazing decor themes to try in 2021 and beyond:

Traditional Decor

The traditional decoration is all about classic furniture pieces, symmetrical arrangements, and rich color schemes. This gives your rooms a traditional look that is best to try in modern houses. 

You can opt for modern canvas wall art, old decor pieces, wooden furniture, and more to decorate your home with traditional style. Neutral shades like white, beige, and cream are some of the trending shades of this decor theme. 

This neutral background offers excellent options for introducing color palettes in smaller elements.

Modern Interior

Modern interiors are in trend these days. If you love simplicity and greenery, then decorate your rooms with a modern theme. 

The symmetry and balance in modern decoration provide a structure and discipline to the area. These interiors feature distinct lighting, mirrored elements, textured wood, glossy paint, and metal These interiors feature distinct indoor lighting, mirrored elements, textured wood, glossy paint, and metal fittings.

Coastal Theme

It should look like this: If you love beaches, then you can give your room the same feeling by opting for coastal decor. In addition, you can add beach-inspired wall art, oceanic materials, motifs, and buy nautical signs and other objects to your space.

Natural light in the right amount is, of course, an added element, with the contrast of white and blue colors. Further, you can opt for shades like aqua, steel gray, turquoise, and more to update your room with a coastal theme. 

Asian/Zen Style Interior

The zen-style interior is all about creating simple, calm, and attractive places. Unlike other styles, Asian spaces are free from clutter and more about soft hues in the rooms. 

The material used in this theme is organic or natural such as wood and natural fibers. Further, there are various trending Asian style wall arts that you can use to decorate living rooms and other places in your house. 

To decorate the living room with wall art, you can take ideas from here

Industrial Style Decor

The industrial theme talks about the modern style of efficiency and functionality by transforming the working parts of a building into its primary use; these interiors don’t shy away from the use of weights and rough items.

Bringing in and mixing different metals in one space or a furniture piece is an interior design trend. Furniture in silver, brass, tin, and copper is ordinary. These can be of vertical and horizontal forms in the room with a light fixture of the same metal next to it.

 Industrial interiors stick to warm, neutral colors such as grays and browns with iron or steel, with unfinished bricks of wall complementing them perfectly. The perfect window blinds can provide a touch of texture and a rustic element that aligns with the industrial style. Choose wooden or metal blinds with a distressed or reclaimed finish. These can add warmth to the space while still maintaining the raw and natural aesthetic often found in industrial design.

Bohemian Theme

The Bohemian style is related to the free-minded and free-spirited people of the society. Their individuality is seen in the interiors of their homes. The space is busy, both in the number of items, with different shapes and forms.

You can mix and match the furniture in this type of interior. This style has become a key theme option in making the home look stylish and comfortable.

Vintage Theme

The easiest way to make a home look unique is to add vintage elements to its decor. Even one vintage piece will completely change the feel as well as look of your room.

Use furniture such as armchairs and vintage clocks to give an old look to your rooms. A vintage decor takes you back to earlier times. 

Further, the vintage interior rooms focus on minimal clutter and put in a very clean, crisp, and classy display of furniture, decorative pieces, and designs.


You can give your home a complete makeover by opting for any of the above themes. When you decorate your house around a particular theme, it makes it look unique and trending. Further, it also reflects your taste and style. For those that are reluctant to take a drill and mercury level to their wall, you can call on a Brisbane picture hanging service to make sure that you pull off any of the above looks to the highest possible standard.