6 signs you should see a chiropractor

A study conducted in Singapore says that 65% of back and neck pain cases affected young workers between 21-40 years old and found 35% cases in older people. Not surprisingly, 30-40% of cases were from the top 3 sectors: transport & storage, construction, accommodation & food services. A gradual increase in back pain prevalence rates per 100,000 employed persons has been observed in the last few years, thus making chiropractic treatment in Singapore the need of the hour for many.

There is no escaping the fact that daily living puts a strain on your body. As a result, you often suffer from migraines, headaches, neck, back or joint pain. On top of it, most of you take pain relievers or anti-inflammatory medications without consulting your doctor. Isn’t it? If yes, remember that doing this may temporarily alleviate your symptoms, but it will not address the underlying cause, whereas seeing a chiropractor can help you prevent something from going wrong in the first place. Yet many of you will consult a chiropractor only when you can no longer tolerate the pain.

If you want to learn more about the six signs of your body that say it’s time to see a chiropractor, continue reading!


You might be having headaches due to a number of factors that include dehydration, oxygen deprivation, malnutrition, or misalignment in the neck or spine. Your chiropractor may recommend a change in your diet or suggest some exercises to increase the supply of oxygen to your brain.

Joint or muscle pain

Well, it is often seen that the moment people start experiencing pain in their muscles and joints, they go and get the aspirin out of their medicine box. This is wrong! It might be possible that the pain you are suffering is due to problems with musculoskeletal alignment. In such a case, a chiropractor will be using spinal manipulation.

Your job asks you to sit for long hours

If you are required to sit hunched over a keyboard for long periods, it is obvious you will wind up with problems related to poor posture. Your sitting position puts unwanted strain on the upper back, neck, and shoulders, causing the bones and discs to shift enough, resulting in a slipped or herniated disc. If you are facing such issues, you better see a chiropractor without any further delay and get your spine aligned correctly.

Back pain

Back pain sometimes gets excruciating, making it an obvious sign that a chiropractic visit is needed. The type of work you do, the number of hours you are on your feet each day, and your posture are some factors that might be contributing to your back pain. A chiropractor can help you get relief from your pain without invasive surgery or narcotics.

Lack of sleep

Do you wake up groggy or notice a lack of sleep? If yes, you may suffer from poor sleep quality. To improve your sleep, a chiropractor will use manipulation therapy that increases the amount of blood flow in your body, aligns the vertebrae in your spine, reduces pain, accelerates healing, and helps you rest better.

You feel stressed all the time

If you feel stressed and exhausted most of the time, chiropractic treatment in Singapore would be a great help! Moreover, one of the best things about visiting a chiropractor is that it feels great, and your body will thank you for this. Many people report visiting a chiropractor clinic feels good, and relaxing and puts them in a better state of mind.

The bottom line

So if your job demands you to sit for 8 hours a day in an office or spend hours on your phone or you have a physical job, you probably need a chiropractor visit. A regular visit to a chiropractor is recommended as it helps you maintain the proper posture, avoid the premature degradation of joints/ discs, and keep your body healthy and active.