5 Tips To Save Money On Fresh Produce At Pete’s Market

If you are someone who loves to buy fresh produce, you might have visited Pete’s market many times. In fact, this family-owned grocery chain might be on everyone’s bucket list when it comes to shopping for fresh produce. The grocery boasts an array of high-quality grocery items, along with bakery, gluten-free, and organic products.

While the store is known for delivering freshest produce at a great price, you can save a few more bucks by shopping smartly. Below are the five ways to save money on grocery shopping the next time you visit Pete’s market.

Plan Your Meals According To Weekly Pete’s Fresh Market Ad

The next time you visit the nearby Pete’s Market, ask them about their weekly sales. Have a look at the Pete’s Fresh Market weekly Ads & flyers to know what sales or offerings are trending in the store. You will always find fresh and organic food items in Pete’s Fresh Market weekly Ads. Once you know what items are on sale or discount, you can plan your weekly meals accordingly.

Buy In-Season Produce

Generally, berries, tomatoes, asparagus, etc. will cost you less during the growing season. Why? The seasonal produce is less likely to have traveled a lot of distance. As a result, it is cheaper than the out-of-season produce. Moreover, seasonal produce also tastes better.

So, it is wise to buy fruits and vegetables when they are on sale.  For example, stock tomatoes or berries when they go on sale at their peak. This will allow you to save a lot of money.

Don’t Buy More Than What You Need

Many supermarkets, including Pete’s Fresh Market sell packaged food items, like pre-cut vegetables, bags of onions or tomatoes, etc. If the quantity of the items matches your needs, that’s good. However, if you think that you won’t be able to use it up before the expiration date, go for loose displays of fruits or vegetables.

Try Shopping At The End Of The Market

Sometimes, at the end of the market, you can pick great deals on the produce that is left or hasn’t been used. You might not have thought of buying this produce. But do you know those bunches of broccoli kept at the end of the market can help you save money?

You can cook broccoli soup or stir fry it and eat it as salad. As this produce can’t be displayed at the market, you can get a bit more discount on it. Picking these items in bulk for making pickles is another great idea.

Buy Fruits, Vegetables In Their Simple Form

Though pre-cut and processed food items are convenient, they are less in nutrients and cost more. Thus, it is recommended to look for the simplest form of the produce. For example, choose carrots over baby carrots, broccoli rather than bagged florets, and fresh strawberries rather than pre-cut berries. It would hardly take a few minutes to wash these fruits, cut them, and store them in the refrigerator. With these easy tips, you can save a lot of money on shopping for fresh produce at Pete’s Market