5 Tips for Hiring a Maid Service

If you’re scrambling to get the house ready before the holidays, there’s a good chance that it may be time to hire a maid service. But not all maids for hire are created equal. Here are some tips for hiring a maid service so you can be sure to hire the perfect one for you.

1. Ask for referrals.

You can’t possibly sort through all the maid services in your area, so it’s beneficial to find one that has already been vetted by someone you trust. Friends, family, and coworkers are the best sources for referrals.

Ask around and, if possible, try to hire a maid service that’s been referred to you by more than one person. This will help ensure that you’re working with a reliable company.

2. Check their credentials.

It’s always a good idea to check what, if any, licenses the maid service has. A license will verify that the maid service is in good standing and has the training and knowledge to make your home sparkle. If you live in Calgary then we provide excellent house cleaning and apartment cleaning by our trained maids in Calgary.

You can usually find this information on the company’s website, but you can also contact your local government agencies. It shouldn’t take you long to find the information you need.

3. Get a few quotes.

Ask different companies for a quote for your specific needs, and then compare those rates to see which one is most affordable. This is an excellent way to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

You’ll find that most maid services charge by the hour, but some also charge by the house. These larger companies usually have their own trucks, cleaning supplies, and equipment, but smaller companies may not. If you want to go this route, make sure you ask about these things up front.

4. Get a checklist.

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth is to ask the maid service for a checklist of what they will and won’t clean. This is one of the essential steps in hiring a maid service, so take your time to get them all the details on this.

If you have a home office or a basement that you don’t usually clean, make sure you tell them not to clean it. This is something that most maid services will do for you.

You should also give them a checklist of things that you want to be done regularly. This is especially helpful if you have a regular cleaning schedule, so they know exactly what to do and when.

5. Ask them about their pricing and payment plans.

Make sure you ask about their pricing and payment plans before you sign a contract. This way, you won’t get stuck with a contract that you don’t want or need.

You should also make sure that they are upfront about what it will cost to clean your home. For example, some companies add fees for extra things, like washing floors or removing pet hair, while others charge the same rate no matter what.

You should make sure that you know what they will be cleaning, how much it costs, and exactly when they expect payment. This way, you can make sure that both of you are on the same page.

You may also want to ask about a specific payment plan. Some companies offer a discount if you pay for a certain number of sessions at once. This may not be the best deal for you, but it’s something that you want to look into if you can afford it.

By following these steps, you should be able to hire the perfect maid service for your home. Not only will they make your home look like it’s ready for the holidays, but they can also help you get your life back on track too. This is an investment worth every bit of the money you spend; consider it an early gift to yourself.