5 Indications Anxiety is Affecting Your Dating Life

We all perspire a tad much when things become overwhelming. The anxiety levels in all of us can rise to unbearable levels. Some people use medication to alleviate or suppress their anxiety. Others engage in excessive drinking while some have no idea how to proceed in suppressing these attacks.

Whether you experience panic attacks as you attempt to flirt, or anxiety levels shoot through the roof based on texts, it is a problem. As you begin flirting with hotties from our Elena’s Models review or read their messages, anxiety levels might compromise your chances of a date. It is also likely you have an idea that anxiety is problematic for you.

If some of your dates have been ending badly and you are not receiving follow-up calls or dates, there could be several reasons why. These might be linked to anxiety levels and the damage therein. Here are 5 signs that anxiety is affecting your dating life.

Heightened breathing

Sometimes, we begin breathing rapidly when we receive a text from someone. It might not be work-related and usually entails a crush or upcoming date. If your heart races when a potential partner sends messages, you could be suffering from anxiety. If it takes even longer to respond to these texts, and sometimes you respond inappropriately, then anxiety is affecting your dating life.

Some folks find it easier to answer the phone and respond after a few minutes. However, there might be instances when immediate replies are necessary. It is important to practice breathing exercises to avoid being misunderstood.

Panic Attacks

Some of us get worked up when out on a date and a simple question is asked about our past. It could incidentally be a question on anything. The fact that it is a crush makes us immediately begin to shake, maybe even vigorously, and spill our drink.

These anxiety attacks are nothing small and they could lead to more dramatic episodes. It is important to note when you are close to having one and immediately take a step back. This might include taking a bathroom break, and hitting the dance floor but not leaving altogether.

Canceling plans

Some of us cancel dates simply because of such attacks. You might receive an invitation for a cup of coffee, a movie night, and even an invite for an intimate rendezvous. These plans might be canceled after anxiety kicks in.

Do you always get frigid, and scared, or even turn off your phone when a potential date reaches out? Sometimes, you may not turn off your phone and instead will conjure numerous excuses to not meet. These are signs that anxiety is affecting your dating potential and needs to be handled immediately.


At times a message or conversation leads us to get uncomfortable. We may become particularly distressed suddenly, perhaps even fretful. All of a sudden, we cannot sit still and any attempt to join a conversation makes us stammer or shut up completely. Normally, anxiety can lead us to read too much between the lines. Instead of laughing at genuine humor, we spend time picking up innuendos that don’t exist.


If you are always negative about the possible outcome of a date, anxiety is a problem. Perhaps you get a call about a possible meeting and all you can think of is how badly it might go. Maybe you write stuff down and try to imagine every possible scenario gone wrong. These are the worst cases of anxiety and chances are you rarely make it to a scheduled date. Such negativity can ruin other parts of one’s life too, if not handled professionally.

Bottom Line

These are the main signs and symptoms of anxiety ruining dates and potential relationships. If any of the above applies, try breathing exercises before proceeding to therapy. Additionally, you should avoid medication until it is deemed necessary. Check more articles on Jagsnbrady.