5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Skater Dresses and How You Should Wear Them

Fashion trends come and go, but a few will never be considered a fashion blunder. For example, a classic fashion choice, the skater dresses, have never gone out of style since they were first worn way back in the 1950s.

If you don’t own a skater dress, here are reasons why you should.

What are skater dresses?

Skater dresses have an A-lined skirt that is likened to babydoll dresses. Around the 1980s, when skating was rising in popularity and making a mark in pop culture, designers were inspired by ice skaters’ costumes and thought it could be worn as everyday clothing.

And because this type of dress was designed from a sports outfit, it is a comfortable choice of clothing that allows for wide movement and mobility with comfort.

What Style Can I Do with Skater Dresses?

Ladies love how comfortable these dresses are and give the body a nice shape. It sets a nice silhouette that can be chic, dainty, chill, or cool, depending on how you style them. They can come in different patterns and fabrics to be suitable for any style.

Here are some tips on how to up your fashion game with your skater dress.

Wear It with a Leather Jacket:

If you’re going for a night out, then a leather jacket is one of the perfect pieces that pair with this dress. It’s practical and gives off a chic vibe.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a floral-patterned dress or a simple and plain one; a leather jacket is a great match for skater dresses, especially during the cold seasons.

Accentuate with a Belt:

Although skater dresses already give you a nice accent around the waist, wearing a belt, especially with plain coloured ones, can give your outfit a pop of colour.

A belt also sets the tone of your get-up, which may be elegant or casual. You can match it with your shoes, a beret, or even your lip colour.

Any shoes are the perfect shoes:

Another great thing about skater dresses is that you can wear any shoes and that still matches.

From sneakers to sandals, there is no mismatch with skater dresses. You can even wear socks to give off a little cutesy-type vibe. Wear sneakers for a refreshing picnic trip and change into heels in the evening for a romantic date vibe.


Another great thing about skater dresses is that you can use any accessories that fit your liking. For example, you can choose to wear gold bangles for elegance or layered bracelets for a more rocker-type vibe.

Go with your mood or the weather, maybe wear a scarf or even a beret? There’s no limit in styling skater dresses. They can suit any season with the right kind of accessories.

Sling a Cute Bag:

A key point to any outfit, a nice bag completes your whole ensemble. A cute cross-body bag makes your look complete.

You can also do away with a tote for a more casual style or a leather clutch for a more elegant touch.

On any occasion, a skater dress can always be on your list of choices to wear. From casual settings to formal dinner dates, your vibe depends on what you pair up with your dress. Don’t be afraid to mix, match and experiment with different looks.