4 things to avoid when creating engraved gifts for graduation

If you are trying to give a recent college graduate a memorable gift that they will appreciate and keep for many years, then you should try something out of the box. Avoid giving a typical college sweatshirt from the local college bookstore and give something more unique – after all, the college graduate will probably have the basic gifts already covered. Friends and loved ones typically give money, gift cards, clothes, sweatshirts, and room decorating accessories to college graduates – so how can you give something that is more personalized and more thoughtful than the typical store-bought item?

We have a great idea for you – engraved gifts. By taking the time and effort to engrave information on a gift that you are giving the new college graduate, you can personalize the present and show that you really care about their accomplishment. Avoid giving a typical gift that a college graduate will forget about in just a few weeks or a few months – instead, create engraved gifts that are perfect for graduation, which you can order here.

4 engraved gifts that are perfect for a new college grad – check out these ideas

Congrats grad

One of the best phrases you can include on a gift for a college graduate is “congrats grad.” This pun phrase is great for those who have just graduated from college and who are proud of their accomplishments. You can put this phrase on nearly anything, such as plaques, picture frames, and much more. Avoid using other quotes that are not cute, interesting, and relevant to college – avoid saying the wrong phrase, such as happy birthday, happy anniversary, etc.

Spelling mistakes

Another thing to avoid when it comes to creating engraved gifts for graduation is spelling mistakes. Avoid spelling the person’s name wrong, spelling the wrong institution, or spelling out the phrase on the engraved gifts wrong. This shows that you do not care about the gift, you rushed the present, and you don’t care about the occasion.

Putting the wrong college

If your loved one friend graduated from a local college – such as Penn State University – make sure that you do not include the wrong name of the college. If you are confused as to the college name, ensure you ask and get the correct university before you create the engraved gifts. Do not put the University of Pennsylvania if the friend you are giving a gift to just graduated Penn State University.

Wrong name

The last mistake that you should avoid when it comes to making engraved gifts for graduation is putting the wrong name. If you are giving a gift to a friend or a cousin that you have not seen in some time, avoid spelling mistakes, switch the name, or put the wrong person completely. This shows you do not care about the person and you did not take the time to double check the person and occasion.


If you are trying to create her best engraved gifts for a new college graduate, make sure you avoid these costly mistakes while you are creating the ideal present for your loved one or friend.