4 Handy Tips on Getting Acquainted with Ladies

Forget what you learned in high school or college regarding meeting women. Some of the lamest ways to meet women and get better acquainted cost us a lot. Some suggestions included being real and not changing who you are.

While that might be a great place to start, certain traits might need to be swept underneath the rug. If you are arrogant and slightly overzealous, it might work out too well when meeting girls. The idea should be to bring out the best in you and let that help you get acquainted.

Where to Find Ladies

You will find these ladies anywhere from church, local book clubs, dance lessons, and the opera. The trending spots to meet girls seem to point toward the World Wide Web. It is on dating sites that men meet the love of their lives, or have casual hookups. Whether you seek to find short women dating or tall Scandinavian or Slavic babes, there are 4 handy tips to guide you on the same.

1. Grooming

Before the first date or even meeting a potential lady, how you carry yourself matters. It does not imply perpetually wearing a suit. It simply means staying clean and well-kept at all times. Most young men visit the gym and engage in sports occasionally. It is important to stay clean particularly if you might run into a stranger with an interest in you.

After securing a date it is wise to dress the part. This involves avoiding beach shorts, vests, tank tops, and other excessively loud clothing. Try to keep things simple with basic polo shirts, or khakis. If the date is at a restaurant they might even throw you out for dressing too casually. This will be embarrassing for her too, let alone a total disaster for you.

2. Communicate

Talk about stuff you are into, but don’t brag about accomplishments. Incidentally, it is better to talk about her interests. Listen to her speak on what SHE has accomplished, and hopes to accomplish in the future. It is important to listen to her to stay together longer. Miscommunication inevitably leads to contention at some point.

If you don’t listen to her at the beginning, knowing her dislikes is impossible. Also, pet peeves are picked up during the conversation. It is the fastest way to know the things that rub her the wrong way. Be sure to engage cordially at the beginning of a meetup for friendlier dates in the future.

3. Be Helpful

Try to be useful before and after you meet a girl. While shopping, you might meet a lady in distress. Help her with shopping or listen to what she has to say. She might need your company for a few minutes simply to let off steam. If you are already acquainted, offer her help in several ways.

Being there for someone always puts you in their good books, especially a lady’s books. On that note, do not insist on being of help. If you are overzealous it comes off as desperate for attention, or to get laid.

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4. Getting Laid

Avoid sex talk and any conversations hinting that you seek sex as soon as possible. Getting laid might or might not occur. It is better to start a conversation that hints at getting to know her better. If she feels it is all about sex, you won’t get very far. Most women will give up the booty anyway, but focusing solely on that makes you seem shallow. If you get to know her better, you might get more booty than you’d hoped for.

Bottom Line

Getting acquainted with girls is easier than it seems, albeit somewhat harder if you remain arrogant. Pride and achievements make us feel like women should fall at our feet. The opposite might be true. Real gentlemen are more concerned about others than themselves. Keep these in mind when engaging your next potential partner.