4 Clever Ways to Shop for the Best Bamboo Bras

Due to the growing number of people who are conscious about their bodies and the environment, the sales of sustainable underwear continue their steady rise. Some of the most popular types of these undergarments are bamboo bras. These are made from bamboo fabrics that provide the best comfort. 

But not everyone has an idea how to buy these bamboo-made bras. Unlike the typical bra you can find in the market, the bras formed with bamboo fabric are more considered. Here are some crucial shopping guidelines to help you find the best eco-friendly bamboo brassieres in the market today. 

#1: Find Out Your Size 

Knowing your exact bra size can be a complicated task, even if you have been buying bras most of your life. Some brands are made smaller than others, so it is necessary to know your body size to determine your bra size. 

You can use a measuring tape to find out your current bra size. Experts recommend measuring the band size first while you are completely topless to ensure the most natural fit. Next, wrap the measuring tape under your chest area to get the band measurement. Then measure the bust size on the fullest area of the breast to get the bust size. Finally, learn your cup size by subtracting the band measurement from your bust measurement. Then compare your size to the size guide from the store where you plan to purchase your bamboo undergarment. 

#2: Pick Your Desired Style 

Finding the perfect bamboo bra among all the products available in the market can be nearly impossible, especially if you are in a rush. While shopping for bras needs thorough inspection and evaluation, it can be a complex task if you have no time to look at every piece in the stores. 

If you want to get the best bra, you must determine the style that you are most comfortable with. You may choose from a low-cut or high-cut type of bra, depending on the usual neckline that you normally wear. You may also consider choosing a sports bra if you are very active or get a bandeau version for the widest coverage. 

#3: Find Out Your Bra’s Function

Another essential factor to remember when buying a bra made with bamboo is where you want to use it. For example, you need to shop for more sports bras to engage in various physical activities. In addition, this type of bra will provide the best support for your chest while keeping it moisture-free. 

If you want to conceal your bra while wearing tops with a plunging neckline, getting a low cut bra can be your best option. But if you are planning to wear a bra that can also serve as a top, you must get a bandeau bra that you can wear under a jacket.  

#4: Understand Its Benefits 

Bras made with bamboo fabric are often more seamless than the usual bra. It means you can get the best comfort each time you wear it under your favourite top or dress. It is also the best choice if you want a moisture-wicking undergarment during humid days. 

Most importantly, you need to shop for bamboo bras if your skin is highly sensitive. The fabric used to create this undergarment does not come with any allergens that can irritate your skin. It is also the best choice to reduce your carbon footprint and help conserve the environment.