4 Chic Ways to Style Women’s Onesies

When it comes to choosing an outfit for the party or a date night, no wonder many women out there will end up finding they are running out of clothes. Meanwhile, repeating garments can seem monotonous. But if this is your only problem with your closet, it’s time to maximize one’s fashion bandwidth. There are numerous ways you can style or mix and match a simple tank top only to thank later! Especially if you own onesies like a bodysuit, accessorizing them in various ways can add functionality, letting those comfy onesies stay longer. 

How to Wear Bodysuits Flawlessly?

An average Australian spends nearly $18 on clothing every week. And if you have been putting your onesies on reserve and picking tops and tees instead, buckle up! Onesies are taking up the front seat in the trend line. These bodysuits can be an all-season dress, as they go well for any occasion when styled rightly. Also, for those who’d prefer a figure-fitting garment, onesies are a brilliant alternative. So, here are four different style statements that can spice up a simplistic onesie without much effort:

  1. Pair It With a Pair of Denim

Onesies no longer have to be one-piece. You can solely pair a onesie with complementing jeans. On that note, high-waist denim is the best to pick from, as you can never go wrong with this pair! When you choose a body-fitting onesie, always ensure to match it with high-waist and wide trousers as they make you seem rightly dressed or at least not overdressed. You can also consider denim shorts to keep the look minimal and a lot comfier for the summer. 

Try pairing a white lace bodysuit with a pair of high waist mom’s jeans to end up in a statement look. You can also consider wearing a deep-neck onesie if you prefer flaunting your chest bones yet not seeming too revealing.

  1. Match It With a Skirt

If you’d want to pair a onesie with bottom wear, trousers and jeans are not the ultimate choices. You can comfortably pick a skirt. And when it comes to pairing a skirt, you have zero limitations. While some say onesies work the best with a flowy skirt, you can also pick bodycon dresses if you would like to keep the look more figure-flattery. Besides, solid pleated skirts can work the best with black onesies and aid in giving you more of a streamlined and slimmer body shape. 

  1. Layer It!

It’s not always necessary to add bottom wear to a onesie. Sometimes, one might feel all comfortable with a onesie yet feel it repetitive without adding a pair of trousers. In such cases, consider layering a onesie with blazers, sweaters, or a knit. And when you are adding a shirt or a blazer to a onesie, try choosing bodysuits with a detailed neckline. For instance, a front-closure sweater can work best over a turtleneck or a funnel neck onesie. On the flip side, collared blazers look best with deep V- or round neck onesies. However, for a more casual look, slip on a denim jacket, and it’s all done!

  1. Accessorize!

Nothing can match the versatility of accessorizing an outfit. With onesies and related looks, you can always add a simplistic piece of jewelry and still look aptly dressed. As such, you can add a choker onto a strapless bodysuit to pull off a chic look effortlessly. However, pay attention to the neckline when you are wearing a necklace. Choose either a pair of earrings or a neckpiece, and don’t over-accessorize. And if you have paired the onesie with a pair of jeans or trousers, consider adding a sleek leather belt to seem more well-dressed and composed.